How will the future of tech - IoT, VR, Robotics - shape our lives?

Download the eBook and find out what technology trendsetters predict in terms of AI, VR, robotics & IoT, and how all these will impact people’s personal lives and work habits.

The future of tech. It’s on everyone’s mind. How will AI, VR, robotics, etc. change our lifestyle, work and play? And many more questions pop out when thinking about technology. We want to know what’s going to happen so that nothing catches us off guard. Well, truth be told, nobody can predict 100% what the technology of the future will look like. But that didn’t stop us from gathering the opinions of 15 people who are head over heels into tech trends and developments

The eBook comprises a series of interviews from tech visionaries on the following hot topics:

  • The impact of connected devices on daily human activities.
  • How Virtual Reality might change work habits.
  • Are robots going to take over the world?
  • The benefits and the downsides of rapid technology advancements.
  • Will Artificial Intelligence hit mainstream in 10 years time?
  • How the world might look like in 2030.

In this eBook

Michael Borras
Chief Executive Officer at Socialspiel Entertainment
Alex Mang
Microsoft Azure MVP, Founder/CEO at KeyTicket Solutions
Andrei Craciun
Senior Java Developer / Architect at Avelon Cetex AG
Lisette Sutherland
Director at Collaboration Superpowers
Dominique Siacci
CTO & Co-Founder at GoodBarber
Fabian Bernhard
Founder and CEO of Veeting Rooms
Ivana Gancheva
Agile Coach
Jules van den Berg
Director & Owner of Maxcode
Ksenia Vinogradova
CEO and Co-Founder of FlipFlic
Michael Kamleitner
CEO Die Socialisten,Product Manager at
Gero Lueben
Managing Director at Ingasol GmbH
Reimar Hantke
Solution Architect and Product Owner at AVL
Sebastián Ojeda
CEO / Co-Founder
Viktor Farcic
Senior Consultant at CloudBees
Zornitsa Nikolova
Agile Coach and Co-Founder of Leanify

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