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We’re Looking for a Sales Intern to Join Our Team

We’re looking for someone to work closely with our sales manager in identifying and qualifying potential business leads in the US and in Western Europe. Unexperienced? No problem. This is an internship, so motivation and fluency in English should suffice, provided that you join our team.

What is Beaglecat

An inbound marketing agency that was founded 2 years ago with the aim of helping tech companies better reach their audience. Most times, they excel at what they do but don’t have the ability to put it in words. That’s where we come in.

We’re a team of 3 content strategists, one project manager, a marketing manager, a social media manager and a web developer who are true professionals and who, most of all, have fun while doing it.

If you met Beaglecat at a party, it would be the funny, witty guy/girl dressed in yellow, who smiles all the time. They speak perfect English, French and German and are perfectly suited to interact with everyone at the party. They’re the ideal partner for a smart, funny conversation on topics that vary from artificial intelligence to interior design apps (because that’s what they write about all the time).

How you are:

You have some degree of experience with online marketing and/or Sales (2nd or 3rd year Marketing/Communications/Journalism student), you are fully proficient in English, extremely analytic and you enjoy doing research on the tech startup scene in the US and in Western Europe.

We work hard, so we expect you to do the same.

Why work here

We take pride in being one of the few internet marketing agencies in Romania that work exclusively with international clients. In less than 2 years since we started, we got from 1 to 7 full-time employees and to several exciting projects that vary from content marketing, website creation to social media marketing and SEO app optimisation.

What you will be doing:

You will join our CEO and our Sales manager in identifying as many interesting opportunities and markets in which Beaglecat can interfere as possible. Basically, you will generate and qualify leads for the Beaglecat team to pursue further. You’ll be doing it 6-8 hours/day. The internship will also be paid.

Do you think this is an interesting learning opportunity? Email us your CV at

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