Viral Video Marketing – Your “gateway” to generating leads – guest post

Picture this: You’re sitting in front of your laptop and the video you uploaded just two weeks back is all set to become viral, a sensation in the virtual space. Now this is sure to make you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Welcome to the world of Viral Video Marketing. It is an innovative, interactive and engaging social media tactic.

Things have become challenging and a lot more complex when it comes to promoting a product, service or brand. The chase is not just to grab the attention of the audiences in the swanky malls or multiplexes, but to bedazzle the smart, tech-savvy generation via the internet.

Here is how videos can be made viral, to generate leads and boost marketing efforts:

Create social videos that are crisp and informative

The aim is for all your followers and fans on popular social network platforms to be diverted to your website. In order to do this, you can share or uplaod a video. Create a short, attention-catching and informative video. Here are a fews ways to do that:

  •    Draft a super compact script of about 2-3 minutes with the focus on what customers have in store.
  •    Bring to light some astonishing facts or figures to keep the viewers riveted.
  •    Add an element of emotion to it in order to bond with the viewer.
  •    Keep the branding element subtle in the video.
  •    The video should end on an action oriented outcome: a call-to-action.
  •    Make sure to pay attention to detail and quality so that your viewers will want to share it on their social media platforms.

Plan a series of campaigns with a definite focus

A marketing plan has many facets. When it comes to digital marketing, there are several goals that need to be accomplished. The plan can start with connecting with consumers, introducing them to the brand or product, encouraging them to buy and finally getting their feedback. When using viral video marketing as a strategy, try to divide one big campaign into small nuggets. This will help meet the final target.

The benefit of having a series of campaigns:

  •    The audience is not bombarded with a lot of information at once 
  •    You get the time to establish rapport with the viewer
  •    The use of each and every social media platform is maximised
  •    Customers are involved by providing meaningful content
  •    Consumers will recall your brand more easily.

Use social media platforms intelligently

While creating a video with the intention to grab attention, it is important to make use of the appropriate social media channels. Create content based on what works well with a particular audience on Facebook or Twitter. One message may not fit both platforms. It is imperative to understand the taste and preference of the target audience and then “plant” the video to elicit the desired response.

Make use of gated content to drive the traffic

For those who are not well-versed with the digital jargon, gated content is basically crafted to generate information about the visitor. It involves a video (or any other piece of content) that is accessible only via a call through action. The user will either have to fill a form, take a survey or sign in to get a free ebook or view a webinar. Using gated content is a highly SEO-friendly strategy, as it helps with generating leads and converting them into actual customers.

So, if you are still wondering whether to use Viral Video Marketing as a means of generating leads, then here are some strong reasons to give it a try:

  •    You will save a lot of money using videos as a means of communication.
  •    It is the fastest way to connect with consumers and build brand awareness.
  •    You can reach millions of cyber viewers within seconds at minimal cost.
  •    Most importantly, when the video goes viral, the sales figures are only going to make you happy.

Author Bio:

Jason Walberg is Marketing Director at Power To Be Found, a Phoenix based Digital Marketing Agency. He is responsible for coordinating and implementing SEO & SMO strategies for clients. He received his Master’s in Education Technology from Pepperdine University after getting his undergraduate degree from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga.

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