TypeStudio: the revolutionary text-based video editing app

Type Studio is a Startup based in Berlin, Germany which was founded in 2020. They are developing a new approach to edit videos. It is called text-based video editing. You basically edit your video by editing the transcribed text. The entire app runs online in the browser and is free to use. Once you upload your video it will get transcribed automatically.
The goal of Type Studio is to make video editing as easy as possible. The text-based approach lowers the barrier to entry, because anyone is familiar with editing text. You do not need to learn a complicated video editor with the help of tutorials or courses for many hours. Type Studio allows you to start right away with the editing of your video. Another advantage is that editing is much faster because you are doing the changes of your video in the transcribed content and you don’t have to skip through the timeline to find the right place you want to edit.
Text-based video editing brings with it a whole host of other benefits.
– Since your video is automatically transcribed you can add subtitles to your video with one click. Type Studio allows you to style them, select different fonts or set the size and position by drag and drop.
– Type Studio allows you to turn your video into an interactive article that you can embed in your website or share with a link. This way everyone can watch your video without having to download it.
– Automatically translate your videos into different languages. With this you can easily make your videos accessible to a wide audience.
– To reuse your video content you can repurpose it to many different video snippets and post them on all your social media channels. To make them perfectly fit you can change the aspect ratio automatically.