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Turning Your Domain Name Into a Brand

Domains come in all varieties nowadays. Many people go with classics like .com or .org, but there are plenty of other options. Descriptive domain names can be tailored to your location or industry. You can even tie domains into social media sites you already have so that your domain name can really bolster your brand.

If you want to take charge of your personal brand it takes more than just creating social media accounts. It all begins with your domain. But how do you go from a solid domain to a brand that can get you noticed? There are a lot of suggestions out there, and you may want to pick and choose different ideas based on the industry you are in. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Start with a Unique Domain Name

If you want a domain name that stands above the crowd, you need a really unique brand domain name. Unless you have a unique sounding or unusually spelled name then building your domain off of your personal identity is tricky. Entrepreneurs with fairly common names often find corresponding domains have already been snatched up. Even if your name hasn’t been registered to a domain already, you might want to avoid this route if your name is very common. Building your domain off of your business’s name, or tying it to your chosen industry, can have the same pitfalls.

Instead, go with something genuine and descriptive that is short and right to the point. Think about how it will look on business cards as well as the pronunciation. Anything that can give it that extra “stickiness” factor is great. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your domain name, but don’t limit yourself with keywords or specifics that will limit you later either if you want to expand your business.

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Get as Much Web Real Estate as Possible

Once you’ve established your domain it’s time to develop it into a full-fledged brand. Because so much of our lives are online it’s important to snatch up as much web real estate for your brand as possible. Building a great website is one thing, but in today’s world to be successful you need more than what a single site offers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more should all be extensions of your domain.

When you are setting up various accounts you want to have a unique voice to go with them. Being too similar to competitors can leave consumers feeling confused or ignore you altogether. Worse yet, you could end up being accused of copying rivals. Research other companies in your field to find ways your brand can stand apart. But make sure whatever voice you choose is consistent across all of your outlets. Consumers need to feel like they are interacting with a single company no matter which avenue they take to do it.

Take Your Brand Beyond Your Business

Brands that are popular are ones where consumers feel like they are getting something truly valuable. This means taking your brand beyond just promoting your products or services. One way that you can add value to your brand is to share useful content on a regular basis. This doesn’t have to be personal blogs, but rather helpful tips that relate back to products you sell. Company updates can build emotional connections with consumers. Insider news can also help people invest more in your industry, and thus your company.

A key factor in using these avenues to expand your brand is interactivity. Avoid spending a lot of time manually posting various information across all platforms by setting up automatic updating. There are many options out there such as Hootsuite that can help you post one message across all of your outlets very quickly. This will assist in creating a consistent message for consumers and strengthen your brand’s identity.

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Break the Mold with Your Brand

The best way to get your brand noticed is to be bold, but remain authentic. Consumers won’t be interested in your brand if you use a cookie cutter approach. Instead of following the trends, think about what your target customers might be lacking that your brand can provide. Don’t be afraid to inject a little personal opinion or flair to lend a down to earth, relatable quality to your brand that can be memorable to consumers.

If you’re not sure about your approach, invite some feedback during the brand development phase. Advice and encouragement from others – whether from trusted colleagues or professionals like BrandBucket – can be a soundboard during the process. That way you can keep everything on target for a brand that really shines.

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