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Top 7 Integrations For Easy Time Tracking

time tracking app

Time tracker app is gradually becoming an essential aspect of work-life as managers, businessmen, team leaders, freelancers, and all other professions seek ways to be effective and productive. Time tracking apps such as Google time tracker or something like that are used by most productive people across the globe to enhance their output.

Most firms, such as the construction industry, landscaping teams, sales crew, cleaning organization, keep track of their teams as they journey from one work site to the other. This has resulted in making mobile tracking apps very beneficial in work life. Though very beneficial, it is not quite easy deciding which of the mobile track app can fit into your special needs as an individual or business as there are many types in the market. Not to worry, as we have saved you the stress by listing out seven trusted mobile time trackers.

Top 7 Integration For Easy Time Tracking


This mobile tracker is very intuitive and powerful. Managers can easily keep track of day to day activities of their team. Its GPS location tracker is very accurate, and you don’t always need to ask your team what they have been able to achieve for the day. 

Besides, the integration of this mobile tracker app with platforms like Trello, Asana, Basecamp, and others is very easy. Thus, making it very simple and easy to use the already existing software with the time tracker.

Hubstaff is compatible with all android phones and iPhones. It comes with some desktop applications and a secure companion web application that enables you to use any device of your choice to synchronize your report. Hub staff mobile time tracking app offers freemium per user, a basic plan of $5 a month per user, and a premium plan of $9 a month per user.


This is a perfect option for companies that have a mobile crew and seeking to have a clearer understanding of how their days are spent. It helps track the level of your productivity as you move from one job location to another.

It can be integrated with the calendar, and for individual projects, billing costs can be set per unit of time. The Timely app enables the organization to track their productivity level and also allows companies to see the extent of billable work they can do each day. It is compatible with Apple Watch apps and iPhone. Timely mobile time tracking app offers $7 per user and three projects, or a regular plan of $14 with unlimited projects and users.


Over 1.5 million people across the globe use this app to maximize billing and keep track of their time. This app is perfect for organizations that are on the move and are seeking an appropriate way to take a record of the time spent in executing a task. Organizing the time track in this app is very flexible. It allows you to create new clients or projects without you necessarily leaving your dashboard, thus making the app a time saver.

This mobile tracker app is compatible with different platforms and devices (which includes chrome extension) and features an offline time tracker. It is possible to bill for all the hours that you spent working as Toggl can take track of time offline. Toggl mobile time tracking app offers a starter plan at $9 per user for each month and a premium plan at $18 per user for each month.


It is an intuitive and amazing mobile app that enables you to keep track of your time, wherever you are. It comes with features like budgeting, team management, and timesheet. It is free for individuals and available on Android and iOS. Timenotes tracking app also has unique features like:

  • Create and search the tasks
  • Create and search the project
  • Start/stop time track as you go
  • Bookmark ongoing task
  • Browse time log history and daily summary
  • Sync automatically with the cloud account on all your devices.


It is a timesheets mobile app that is very comprehensive and has advanced features. It is perfect for consultants, those working with mobile workers, distributed teams, and construction teams. This app is very good for those running a big business and has workers that are always on the move. 

The platform features offline/online job costing, indication, invoicing, payroll processing, integration abilities, dial-in, time tracking through SMS, offline support. With TSheets, it is very easy to track the work time of the team effectively, irrespective of the team size. TSheets mobile time tracking app is compatible with mobile and desktop devices, and it offers a freemium plan for a user. It also offers an Enterprise plan for $5 per month with a base fee of $100 and $5 per month for a small business plan with a base fee of $20.

Rescue Time

Just as the name implies, it functions effectively to help you recover some of the time that has not been judiciously utilized for each day and offer a more productive and better use of the time. However, it is only Android device compatible.

Rescue Time gives a vivid report based on productivity, weekly summary via emails, goal setting, site blocking, and productivity scoring, to consciously help you become efficiently productive. It is the best option for mobile crews like home healthcare and landscapers and also a good option for individuals. Rescue time mobile time tracking app renders both premium plans (starting at $9 per month) and freemium plan.


This mobile time tracker is effective for freelancers or for employees who are not mandated to keep track of their time by a client or an employer but deem it necessary to keep track of their time. The features it offers are very constructed, thereby making tracking of time easy. Individuals have a clear understanding of this app as it gives a vivid report on how you spend your time. With the eternity app, you will be able to easily monitor your day to day activities, segment your tasks, and allocate a different task to each day. It supports cloud sync and multiple projects. Eternity mobile time tracking app is free; however, it provides in-app purchases.



Irrespective of where your workers work or the size of your business, it is essential to get an easy to use mobile time tracking app and at the same time, have all the features that will result in maximum productivity. The best way to choose from any of the above listed mobile tracking apps is to begin a free trial to obtain a clearer understanding of how each app works.


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