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Top 5 Industries that can benefit from SMS Marketing

People spend an average of five to six hours on their smartphones daily, accumulating at least 1,825 hours yearly. In context, if someone started using their phone on January 1, they would only put it down around March 18. 

With the amount of time spent on phones, it’s no wonder why SMS receives a 97% read rate. The statistic highlights why SMS marketing is so effective, even today. People use their phones a lot, which presents a golden opportunity for marketers to meet their audiences. Contrary to what many digital marketers believe, SMS marketing isn’t extinct; only underestimated. 

Businesses can still find value in integrating SMS into their marketing efforts. This article will outline the different industries that can benefit from SMS marketing. 

5 Industries That Can Benefit From SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is highly versatile, allowing businesses across industries to leverage its power and make it their own. Below are five industries that can benefit from SMS marketing. 

  • Travel 

Traveling customers rely on businesses in the travel industry to get updated on possible changes in their itineraries. SMS can be an excellent relay channel since they are typically highly time-sensitive information. These types of SMS are known as transactional messages since they don’t promote a product or service.

However, SMS can also be a great way to promote your products and services to traveling customers if you’re in the travel business. Reaching your customers becomes more challenging, especially since they may not be connected to the internet to avoid international roaming charges.

Fortunately, utilizing SMS doesn’t require the internet, allowing you to push your products even to travelers that are in remote locations.

  • Healthcare 

Healthcare providers can use SMS marketing to better connect with their patients. Healthcare facilities, doctors, and hospitals can send instantaneous messages using SMS. It is an ideal channel for sending health and prescription updates and appointment reminders. 

If your business is in the line of healthcare, SMS marketing can enhance your customer service through instantaneous messaging. Patients can contact you quickly, especially if they have any pressing concerns or questions. This convenience will go a long way toward cultivating patient loyalty to you as a healthcare provider. 

  • Ecommerce

An excellent way to leverage SMS marketing in eCommerce businesses is to send transactional messages, updating customers about the status of their package. You can use SMS marketing as an easy way to promote your new product releases or limited-time discount promo codes. These promotions can help drive traffic to your brand’s eCommerce site cost-effectively. 

According to McKinsey, almost three out of four consumers (71%) expect businesses to provide them with personalized experiences—which you can do with SMS marketing. Using the customer’s shopping data, you can recommend products you think your customers will enjoy. 

  • Automotive

Auto dealers, repair shops, and car washes can easily benefit from having a channel where they can instantly communicate with their customers.

If you’re part of this industry, you can use it to remind your customers about their scheduled maintenance appointment or if their car is polished and ready to use. Auto dealers can contact customers about time-sensitive car deals. You can even use SMS marketing to generate leads and sales for their exclusive promotions. 

  • Real Estate 

Finding the right property can be tedious and exhausting work for clients. Real estate businesses can use SMS marketing to reach out to clients and instantly update them on deals regarding new properties. If you’re a real estate agent, you can better nurture relationships with your clients by personalizing the messages you send to them.

You can be confident that your clients or prospects will most likely respond since 93% of SMS recipients want to communicate with businesses via text messaging. This allows you to build trust and customer loyalty down the line. 

Using SMS As An Effective Marketing Tool

It’s easy to see why many think that SMS marketing is dead. Most communication now happens on digital platforms such as social media. However, that doesn’t mean that SMS marketing can’t provide value to businesses. Its versatility as a marketing channel allows it to find a place in the marketing efforts of companies from various industries. 

The more people underestimate the power of SMS marketing, the better your chances of succeeding. It can potentially differentiate your business from competitors relying only on digital marketing. Remember that differentiation is still a top priority you need to focus on, regardless of which channel you use. 

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