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Tech for Good: Photos for a Cause (Donate a Photo)

An almost unimaginable number of photos are taken daily all over the planet. Some of them are posted on Social Media, many are sent to friends and family, others are just kept for posterity. But how many of these photos are helping the world become a better place? What if the pictures you snap with your phone could help fund various humanitarian causes around the globe? Well, there’s an app for that. In this second Tech for Good article, we say ”hello” to Donate a Photo by Johnson&Johnson.


In late 2013, Johnson&Johnson launched an app meant to change the world by donating photos on a daily basis. Today, the app has been given a significant design and usability boost, and can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

How it works

Johnson&Johnson gives $1 for every photo you donate. It’s as simple as that! After you install the app on your device and start it up, you are given a choice of causes you wish to help. These causes are selected by J&J and each have their own donation goals. Note that you can only donate one photo per day for each of the causes. Once the donation goal has been met, the respective cause is replaced by another one, and so on. The causes feature amazing photographs and have live statistics about the state of the donations so far, so you can constantly be up to date.

After you have chosen who you want to help, you will have to choose the photo you want to donate. Next, the app adds the J&J and Donate a Photo logos alongside a watermark which features the cause you are donating the photo to (“This photo helps a girl in Guatemala go to school”). You can write a nice description of the photo and then choose to also share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, thus enhancing awareness about the cause you are supporting. Hit ”Donate” and repeat the next day.

App features

A really interesting element of the app is the gallery. Here you can view the photos donated by everyone and also have the option to filter them by various characteristics. A lot of the photos found here aren’t extremely great, but some are quite interesting. If you want to enjoy the most eye-catching photos that have been donated so far, you can follow Donate a Photo on Instagram. Here, you can find pictures which are both inspiring and very beautiful, handpicked by the J&J staff.


Another truly amazing feature this app has is called The Impact. Here you can find numerous inspiring statistics about the various causes and the impact that has been made by people who donate their photos, just like you.


We are really glad to see yet another initiative that combines technology advancements with the awesome power of good. We salute Johnson&Johnson, and we hope more and more companies will start creating similarly innovative CSR campaigns. We definitely recommend giving it a try. It’s free and it’s for a good cause.


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