Swat.io Case Study

Definition. What does Swat.io do?

Swat.io is a social media management tool for teams that focuses on:

Content Planning, Community Management and Social Customer Service
Optimizing social media management
A shared calendar – perfect overview for all team members

Swat.io visualizes upcoming posts across all channels in a shared calendar. Your team schedules, approves and publishes all posts together.
Planning and publishing content

Community Management
Customer Service & Ticketing Content
Planning & Publishing
Analytics & Performance
Unlimited Channels
Unlimited Posts

Target market: mostly DACH

What Beaglecat did for Swat.io

In the initial phase, we performed a buyer persona profile to know exactly what sort of people might want to use Swat.io. To be able to craft content that is qualitative, we had to come up with an extensive keyword plan; this way we were able to build content that is easy to reach by the target customer.

a. Initial research and analysis phase: buyer persona profiles, competitor analysis, keyword plan for the following 3 months, editorial calendar for the following 3 months (based on the keyword plan and the buyer persona)
b. Content creation: blog articles, 4/month, in batches of 4 for each buyer persona
c. Social media management: daily posts on Twitter and LinkedIn, interacting with buyer personas in various LinkedIn groups and posting comments to LinkedIn Pulse articles, paid ads on Facebook and LinkedIn
d. Lead generation campaigns, every 6-8 weeks: ebook content creation, landing page content creation, ebook design, landing page design, social media calendar, LinkedIn/Medium/blog article promoting campaign.

swat.io ebooks

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