Socedo Brings the Power of Marketing Automation to Social Media (Guest Post)

Social media is a goldmine for marketers.

Each of the various social media platforms is teaming with valuable prospects that only a few years ago would have otherwise most likely been undiscoverable. Now marketing teams who utilize social media have access to information about the industry, occupation, and interests of leads across the globe.

What can be a challenge in this is finding the leads that are most relevant to you, and engaging with enough of them to maintain a sustainable conversion rate and full sales pipeline. This is where Socedo steps in to give social media marketing a boost. By helping you to find your most relevant leads with a targeted search, and connecting with them through a chain of customizable automated engagement, Socedo brings warm leads to your business in an easy and efficient way.

Marketing Automation. How Socedo Works For You

Socedo works by filtering through millions of users on Twitter and collecting the most relevant profiles. This process is fully customizable based on the specific search criteria that you set with conversational, bio, and location keywords. Once you’ve narrowed your focus on the leads Socedo generates, you can begin approving the leads you wish to connect with.

This approval will initiate a chain of automated engagement that can include “favoriting” one of the lead’s Tweets, following them shortly after, adding them to a Twitter list, and even sending them a customized direct message. The same action can then continue onto LinkedIn, where Socedo will automatically send them a connection request, further deepening the engagement you get with each lead. All of this can be done with the click of a button.

Social media marketing

What This Does For Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a fast growing and ever-changing beast. The benefits of having an active and engaging online presence can’t be denied, and professionals from every industry seem to be scrambling to find a vantage point in this arena. This trend has led to businesses occupying various roles on social media. A few examples of these roles are:


  • The Thought Leader: This persona uses social media to disburse innovations and insights among their peers. By sharing information and fostering conversations, they seek to make themselves a hub for their industry and an influential powerhouse in their chosen space.
  • The Networker: This role is looking to garner an audience of as many targeted followers and connections as possible. The networker uses these connections to start conversations, set meetings and drive business development efforts. It will also help to boost their credibility and notoriety within their industry.
  • The Lead Generator: This marketer is using social media for one sole purpose: as a bridge to bring leads directly into the company conversion funnel. They measure their success in this through sign ups, registrations, downloads, or whatever their conversion qualification may be. It’s all about the numbers for the Lead Generator.


Where you fall in the social media space, whether in these roles or others, is largely determined by the ultimate marketing you’ve set for yourself. But regardless of your role, it’s obvious that targeting and engagement power that Socedo offers is a game changer to social media marketing. Socedo helps businesses to accomplish these marketing objectives, take care of marketing automation and streamline the process lead identification to lead conversion.

The overall point to make here is that no successful modern marketing strategy can be complete with social media. It’s the newest arena of lead generation. And if you’re planning to use it to your advantage, having the boost that Socedo provides is a smart first step.

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