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What To Expect When You’re Expecting 2015. SEO Marketing Trends

SEO marketing has changed over the years

There’s an unfortunate yet universal belief that if you hire an SEO team or company, Google will automatically and inadvertently rank your website.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a myth.

Google won’t welcome a website with arms wide open. There are so many other sites, better and older, and they have gained a lot of exposure and experience and they deserve to turn up among the first results.

What are you going to do to beat them? Are you going to buy links? Are you going to spam everyone in a desperate attempt to let them know that you exist? Will you waste enormous capital on discounts and offers in yet another pseudo-marketing technique to boost your site visibility?

Or will you drive on the safe yet slow way of content marketing?

SEO is a friend of content marketers

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying nobody needs an SEO consultant once in a while. But digital marketers are oftentimes the people that apply these techniques when they go through the actual publishing process.

In fact, nowadays SEO marketing has little to nothing in common with the SERPs, at least not how it did a decade ago. There is no magical key out there opening Google’s doors. Everything comes from hard work and consistency.

In today’s world, internet marketing is a combination of content strategy and social media marketing, of paid campaigns and of SEO basics. Ignoring the PPC part won’t kill you, but it won’t make you stronger either. Every content marketing journey begins with delicious copy. And if your writing style or your chosen topics don’t delight your visitors’ tasting buds, what point is there in sharing it?

Link building’s still a winning formula

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Not long ago, Hubspot came up with the term “Inbound marketing”. While some more rigid marketers may frown at the concept, the fact of the matter is it’s based on a largely used technique that will certainly never go old. And that technique can be summarized as the following way of thinking:

Read something you liked? Pass it on to others.

But convincing people to recommend your business or your articles takes time and effort and it only occurs naturally. Do not buy links. Or spam anyone.

What you can do, though, is contact people directly And it still works!

A warm electronic handshake and a friendly tone of voice will get you anywhere. Think of it this way: sure, your product’s great, but the whole world can’t know about it unless you talk to someone. Ask for honest opinions and offer free trials in exchange for unbiased reviews.

And finally, a little flattery never hurt anyone. Requesting a free piece of advice from an individual you admire might get you a refusal due to lack of time, but it could also lead the way to a determined ‘yes!’.

Experiment with a PPC campaign

Ads cost money, and developing a landing page is far from being cheap. But once you’ve committed to building it, there are some things to keep in mind. Landing pages are composed of elements that will convince and convert. Here’s an informative article on the ideal features of a successful landing page.

Don’t forget: Google Adwords is also a neat tool for discovering fresh keywords.

Social media sharing is a must. But sharing just got real.

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We Beaglecats mostly deliver custom content for tech companies. There are two reasons why sharing isn’t everything, and we’ll reveal them below:

No. 1 is related to the fact that not all members of our team come with a tech background. We may write about mobile development today and get involved in wayfinding tomorrow. Sure, it’s challenging to switch from one topic to the other, but it’s consistent and continuous communication that allows us to create great content.

No. 2 implies that we need to use our customers’ social accounts. And we’ll tell you this: if you can’t reply on time on Twitter and provide a great answer, you’re not sociable enough. If you fail to use Quora, Growth Hackers, Inbound, LinkedIn Publisher or any other social platform that might bring immense advantages to your clients, you’re not a content marketer.

But. There is no point. In sharing your posts. If you fail to relate to other people’s opinions.

You know how social comes from society and sociology? Well, social networks aren’t just writings on a wall. They’re basic means of expressing thoughts and emotions. Human interaction means way more than posting a simple link.

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Mobile-friendly is user-friendly

Something surprising happened this Black Friday. Paypal reported a record-breaking number of shoppers coming from mobile devices. And this doesn’t occur only in the case of Paypal. Oh no, people are using their tablets and iPhones to browse their internet while they’re on a bus or waiting at a stop or even in an uncomfortable social setting.

Either you integrate a responsive design into your website or you die.

These are the basic rules of applying a winning content marketing strategy that relies on SEO marketing.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, find out if an SEO-friendly website means a user-friendly one.

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