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SEO: 5 tips to immediately improve your website’s ranking

In the age of digital marketing, there are various methods that organizations use to make their businesses visible. Within a competitive environment, it is often tough for businesses to make an impact in the digital world. However, utilizing a few marketing techniques consistently can yield tremendous results as far as digital marketing goes. One of these methods is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO is an organic method to improve the ranking of a website. It involves optimizing your website or webpage to make it appropriate for the audience. Targeting relevant keywords is just the first step in improving the ranking of a website. There are other things that are equally important. 

Improvements in search engine algorithms result in some SEO practices becoming outdated. The following practices and tips are evergreen and relevant.

Keyword relevancy and content

Content is everything. Make sure that the content you are delivering is relevant to the audience. 

Instead of publishing long-form content, focus on bite-sized articles that provide accurate information to the reader. Personal experiences, opinions, and facts/statistics are some types of articles that are popular among readers. Listicles are also popular among readers. In addition to this, try incorporating keywords into the content. Ensure that the keywords used are relevant to the audience and the content. You should also pay attention to keyword density.

Also, using header tags and bullet points can make an article easy-to-read. Thus, improving the SEO of the website.

Mobile-friendly site

Mobile searches are increasing with every passing day. Quora Creative reports that about 80% of people use mobile devices to conduct online searches. 

Hence, having a mobile-friendly site is key to improving the ranking of your website. There are various tools available online that allow you to determine if your website is mobile friendly or not. Google offers a testing tool for this purpose.

Meta Tags

Make sure to incorporate meta tags into your webpage. Meta Tags are essential for SEO. Although these are not visible to the audience, the tags provide information to the search engines and help in ranking the website. Apart from the title tag and meta description, there are other tags that are important. These include alternative tags, header tags, etc.


An important part of SEO is to ensure that your site is indexed. Indexing means that your site is being seen by the search engine. Without it, a website will not appear on a search engine. Check if there are any issues with indexing.

To check indexing for a website, enter “site: domain name” in the search engine. The most common reason that a page is not indexed is a faulty robots tag. You should also register the XML sitemap with the search engine for visibility.

Optimize images

If you are using images on your website, optimize them. Make sure that the image is optimized for speed. Include the name and description of an image. Also, use the correct file type for an image.


Many businesses hire third-party companies, such as First Page International SEO,  to help them with SEO and digital marketing, in general. Hiring digital marketing experts can aid businesses in reaching their audience and ultimately improving their sales.