Mentoring on Social Media (Guest Post)

A lot of us go through life without anyone to look up to. Sure, we have our parents, guardians and all the other people in our immediate society. However, I understand why you could doubt them, probably because several of them combined together haven’t achieved up to a quarter of what you see for yourself.

The truth of the matter is that it’s really hard to find a mentor when you’re looking thousands of miles ahead of them, thinking years, decades and generations from where they presently are. It really is hard, hence the quest to look for a mentor.

Social media changes all that.

Nowadays, seeing as the world is now a global village, a lot of phenomenal men and women are reaching out to educate people on how to triumph in life. I personally didn’t have any one single mentor when I started out. I was so fascinated about how great people were doing out there, how they were impacting lives in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. I wanted a piece of the action so I consumed any print I could find about successful people.

From their highs, lows, breakthroughs, the list goes on. I watched, I read, I listened and at some point I started to become obsessed with the whole thing. I’d spend hours on end reading about people on the other side of the globe. From Mark Zuckerberg to Pete Cashmore, from Farrah Gray to Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett… You name them .

I knew  everybody (or almost), that was a big part of the inspiration for me to start my own blog. Who is it that inspires you, that’s where you want to be? Doesn’t matter what field. From fashion, art, design, online marketing, business to entrepreneurship, blogging, the list is endless. They can be reached to form a personal connection that will change your life dramatically.

Mentoring on Social MediaDo you really need personal contact to get motivated by them?

The answer is ‘’no’’, you absolutely do not. They’ve laid out everything for you on a platter of gold. Through their biographies, writing, speeches, everything. Heck! Their life alone is a source of inspiration. My advice is to not wait for contact with one of them to take action or you might remain forever in inaction.

Why? Because they have very little time,it’s their most valuable asset these days that money can’t seem to put into a cart. There’s a saying that if you’re phenomenal in your craft,you shall stand before kings and not mere men. Set to work and when you do become a great in your field, you’ll meet the greats rather effortlessly. Always remember: mentoring can happen even without contact.

Social media managementThe ideal mentor

Are you struggling to find a mentor? That shouldn’t deter you, like so many other things in life mentorship can’t really be forced. It happens subconsciously rather than with the conscious mind.

When you find a mentor is that moment you come in contact with someone in your area of specialty whose story really resonates with you and your persona. This connection is so deep and intense, you’ll know it when it happens. However,don’t go all out looking for a star seeing as that may be far fetched. Look for someone whose story can bring out the star in you. Your journey starts… NOW!
Emmanuel Pam is a writer, an entrepreneur, and a business adviser. You can catch up with him on his motivational blog about business: YOUNGANDTRIUMPHANT.


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