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Being a part of a community is sharing a particular attribute or living according to the same principles.

The idea of people freely sharing opinions and spreading inspiration across a table in a bar or across the internet seems awesome to us. It’s the exchange of information that constantly feeds our desire for building something on our own, by also boosting our confidence. Watching online tutorials and “how-to” videos in order to develop new skills has turned into a cool phenomenon that is life-changing. Called DIY, the movement isn’t something totally unique. The culture existed even in the 60s, but it didn’t have a specific name. Back then, brands were very slow in responding to customers’ needs. To customize clothes, women had to trade designs with other women.

Moving on to a similar area, there’s another subculture that people show a lot of interest in. We would say the maker movement is based on the DIY culture. It basically encourages makers to convert ideas and prototypes into products. Makers are a bit different from Do it Yourself-ers. They plan to start a project, a company, or get involved in a startup development process. To cover needs, they put ideas into practice.

If you take a look at Etsy and eBay, you’ll see two great makers’ communities. Makers have built their own online outlets. There’s also Kickstarter, that is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.


Many of us have great ideas, but we let them go because we don’t know where to start and where to get the right people for turning them real. Judging by the look of it, we’re not makers. But what’s a maker anyway? The dictionary offers us a simple definition: a maker is a person who makes (something). Right. But a maker is also someone who has a strong sense of initiative, who comes up with an idea and who immediately starts bringing a project or a company to life. A maker is also someone who gets involved in other people’s projects or businesses by offering their own knowledge and resources. And finally, a maker is someone who must try makerSQR.

What is makerSQR?

makerSQR provides bidirectional suggestions for matching resources, considering the owner’s passion and personal interests. Their idea can be explained easily. Marina is a maker and she has a project: the invisible cycle helmet, for example. She needs several resources, so she decides to give makerSQR a try. After becoming a user, she can post information about her project. Supporters, the ones who have resources such as tools, work spaces, or who are willing to provide their services, can post all of their offers on the platform.

maker sqr

It’s their choice to sell or just rent them. By coming up with a big place where supporters and makers can find and help each other, the application allows them to build professional relationships. After getting in touch, Marina and her supporters can negotiate prices, share opinions, and work together.

maker sqr

makerSQR, stand out and get shared!

Aside from the awesome concept of building a huge community for creative and determined people, makerSQR built an impressive platform on many levels. One of the best things about the site is that you feel like you’ve already started working on your project. It feels like all you need spreads right in front of you.

 As you might have seen in our previous articles, we have written about startups with huge potential and with high chances of being revolutionary. Having a creative idea doesn’t necessarily imply achieving victory. People need to trust you, so go out there and show them you’re among the best from your industry. Attend conferences, talk to people, communicate with your users, give them alternatives and present them with all the opportunities that your product offers. Keep them engaged by telling stories!

 Let’s take a look at makerSQR and see what the elements that made us like this business are:

A powerful message

People use resources right when they actually manage to build something. Getting out of their cage and finding solutions by asking people about them is the right way to go.

makerSQR believes in change, and this is noticeable the moment one accesses their website. They manage to pass emotions and inspirational messages on, by using cool design elements and by providing encouraging lines:

  • The windshield wipers are an everyday life invention. Put your idea into practice and improve lifestyle!
  • Some thought it was useless, but now cinema is part of our lives. Trust your idea and make it real!

The website is well-organized, so you don’t risk getting confused. There’s a short story on the homepage, about Joe, a character who helps the company explain what makerSQR is about. A friendly environment is a must for creative people who are looking for support.

A great mobile strategy

These days, going mobile is mandatory. makerSQR got the idea and they launched both a web and an iPad app. In every industry, it is critical to know what your customers use, what their habits are and where they spend their time. Research leads to the right decisions. Usually, makers work on their idea from behind their computers. They need to keep everything organized in just one place, so the web app came in handy. While they are on the go, they can use tablets. It’s all about knowing your users and making them like you in all possible form.

Awesome plans

Enterprises will get involved with makerSQR in the future. They will gain access to crowd resources and can slowly get into open innovation sourcing, while people from all over the globe can become part of thrilling projects with known brands and corporations.

Inspirational stories

People love stories, especially the inspirational ones. They like to choose their own models, to read about successful individuals who started with a simple idea that, in time, turned into a real business. For example, Josef Schodl, the CEO of makerSQR, wrote a blog post about his stunning experience from Maker Faire Bay Area 2014. His excitement made us click the event page and read more about what happened there. It was that blog post that made us look for more information on the maker movement.

That’s the type of reaction that a business needs in order to succeed.

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