Internet Marketing Strategies Expert Marketers Use to Get Results

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Internet marketing. It’s marketers’ ally, helping them reach their desired audience, generate leads and increase brand awareness. However, not all people are marketers and for the ones that aren’t, this ally might prove to be a bit challenging if you don’t know its little secrets. You might get overwhelmed by the amount of information, and eventually veer off course into a NOT very successful strategy.

This eBook will help you avoid that fate by becoming an internet marketing reference source that you can come back to every time your startup site or blog doesn’t seem to be going anywhere exceptional.

The eBook comprises a series of interviews from key SEMDays participants on the following hot topics:

  • Latest SEO & AdWords techniques
  • Social media marketing tips & tricks
  • The importance of optimising websites for mobile
  • Digital marketing strategies for B2B & B2C
  • The elements of every successful content strategy.

In this eBook

Kaspar Szymanski
Founding Member Of
Andrea Pernici
Co-Founder at GT Idea
Ann Stanley
Co-Founder and MD at Anicca Digital
Hannah Smith
Content Strategist at Distilled and Associate at
Gianpaolo Lorusso
Web Marketing Professional at Gianpaolo Lorusso
Jack Norell
Organic Performance Client Development Lead at Forward3D
Nichola Stott
Managing Director at The Media Flow
Pete Campbell
Managing Director at Kaizen
Yiğit Konur
Founder of SEOzeo
GJ Bramer
Google advisor at GJ Bramer Web & Organisation
Alexandra Tachalova
Independent Digital Marketing Consultant

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