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Last Week’s Internet Marketing Resources

Last week’s favourite internet marketing reads come from MOZ, MageMail, Kissmetrics, Copyblogger, Jeff Bullas and HubSpot.

The internet marketing challenges that B2B companies face are quite different from those faced by B2C companies. In that sense, it is highly important for B2B companies to know exactly which stages they target in the funnel and how they measure their success. MOZ will teach you everything you need to know on this matter.

Have you been asking yourself lately why your cold emails don’t work? Yesware explains that the reason may very well lie in lack of personalization. In one of their articles, we’ve stumbled upon some useful tips on how to write super personalized emails that prospects want to read. Check them out here!

You can never spend enough time on retouching and testing a landing page. While you are trying to figure out why your conversion rate is still low, we’ve found a great infographic on Kissmetrics. Here are the major landing page flaws that kill your conversions.

How do you know your content is effective? Copyblogger has found “the 6 marks of effective content”. Although the article analyzes The Lego Movie, we believe that the rules can easily be applied to any piece of content. And if you follow them, chances are you’ll start writing better content today.

2016 will definitely be the year of visual social media. That means you’ll need to create a better visual presence for your brand. You can start with Instagram and the 7 rules that Jeff Bullas provides so that your Instagram ad will stand out. Our favourite: “Don’t be aggressive with your logo”.

Never underestimate the power of a well designed infographic. It’s the best way for content marketers to convey complex information in an organised and easy to understand manner. Infographics are also known for generating social media engagement and boosting traffic to your website. Create the best infographic out there with this layout cheat sheet from Hubspot.  

That’s it in terms of internet marketing resources from last week. Next Monday, we’ll get back to you with more interesting and useful information that you can use to boost your internet marketing strategy. Stay tuned!

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