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Internet Marketing Resources of the Week

Last week’s favourite internet marketing reads come from Kissmetrics, HBR, Entrepreneur, Search Engine Land and Contently.

Kissmetrics says that “analytics are the key to performance optimization”. Without analytics it would just be impossible to know what’s working and what isn’t in order to improve our strategies and messages. We would just be launching campaigns in a black hole without a clear understanding of what worked and why. According to Kissmetrics, there are 9 metrics that help you measure sales content performance: content coverage of Buyer’s Journey, content freshness, content awareness, content usage, pitch activity, customer engagement, content evolution, influenced revenue and conversion uplift. Read what each of them means here.  

If you’re wondering why data is the next big thing in content marketing, we’ve stumbled upon a great article in Harvard Business Review explaining that data can and should be used to drive original and fascinating stories, as opposed to only guiding campaigns and marketing decisions. Read about the benefits that a quantitative approach can offer to any business here.

Ever considered leveraging psychological insights to improve your marketing strategies? Neil Patel explains why marketing is all about applied psychology. The secret to high conversion rates lies in understanding the human mind and then persuade customers. Did you know for example that the brain is wired to make sudden, impulsive decisions and purchases? Find out other interesting and extremely helpful tips on the psychology of purchasing by going through this article on Entrepreneur.

If you’re planning on improving your AdWords in 2016, this one here is a really helpful article. It discusses top trends and explains what you need to start doing to keep your pay per click ads relevant. One of those trends is that audience targeting will drastically improve the PPC game for search marketers. AdWords not only offers super-specific targeting through keywords, but also ensures ad relevance with Quality Score.

Contently has recently revealed the secret to successful content measurement. Apparently, there is no “magical god metric” and regardless which goal you choose, you need to understand your results on a number of different levels such as editorial metrics, conversions, lead generation, etc and not focus only upon one of them at a time. A holistic view is mandatory for success.

That’s it in terms of internet marketing resources from last week. Next Monday, we’ll get back to you with more interesting and useful information that you can use to boost your internet marketing strategy. Stay tuned!

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