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[Infographic] Quick Facts about Organizational Learning

If we were to ask you what your strategy to achieve progress and company growth is, what would you think about? When asked this question, many people out there would think of sales and marketing strategies. However, any strategy you may think of will be created, performed and analysed by your employees. Therefore, the human factor is the first thing that should come to mind when thinking about company growth. Employees are the engine powering your company and organizational learning is the fuel. No engine runs without fuel, right?

Organizational learning refers to “the process of creating, retaining, and transferring knowledge within an organization.” So far, things sound pretty simple. In fact, organizational learning can be a struggle and feel like a far-off dream you may never achieve.

Whether you already have an excellent program that you are trying to improve or have never given organizational learning any thought, it is always surprising and somehow eye-opening to learn what employees and leaders think about it and what its role is within companies worldwide.

The expectations of today’s workers are very different from those 20 years ago and they are constantly evolving. While one of your employees’ main concerns is still represented by the fear of being laid off, you might be surprised to learn that becoming obsolete is 2x as concerning. Consequently, today’s employees expect more learning and development opportunities such as trainings, coaching and mentoring.

Although, according to Gallup research, 87% of Millennials believe career growth and development opportunities are important in a job, only as little as 8% of organizations actually evaluate the value of learning and development initiatives. Moreover, only 38% of managers believe that their learning programs meet their learner’s needs.

Teamfluent has put together an infographic that will help you understand how organizational learning has evolved and what today’s employees or new hire prospects expect of you.

10 Workplace Learning Facts [Infographic]

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