Beaglecat Case Study Series: camLine Romania employer branding campaign

About the client







camLine Romania is a subsidiary of camLine International, an Elisa company. 

camLine has been recognized as a valued IT solution partner for high-tech manufacturing over the past 30 years. Industry automation systems are based on MES/MOM modules. Numerous implementations can be found in semiconductors, electronics, automotives, solar, batteries, medical devices, and renewable energies across Europe, North America, and APAC.

In addition to service domains on quality assurance, process integrity, production logistics, OEE, monitoring and reporting, camLine’s solutions feature the orchestration of shop floor activities among different communication layers. As part of Elisa IndustrIQ, AI and machine learning (AI/ML) techniques are integrated in statistical methods to foster optimal engineering analysis and defect control.


Well-known internationally as a pioneering software development company for high-tech manufacturing, camLine’s level of awareness among tech candidates in Romania was low. 


Following an initial company analysis, we identified that the client’s main problem was low local awareness. camLine is well-known for its high employee retention rate. However, in 2021, it felt the need to become more visible online/offline amid the rising competition between other tech companies looking to secure top tech talent. 

Our collaboration started in Q2 of 2022. Our main goal was to increase awareness of camLine in Romania, so that potential candidates are more open when being approached with a job proposal. 

Beaglecat solution 

In the initial stages of our collaboration, we looked at the most recent employee surveys of camLine in Romania just to understand what employees liked and disliked about the company. We learned that the products being developed in-house, the people & the work environment, and the technologies were camLine’s core strengths. 

From the answers to the employee surveys, we built a campaign concept titled: “Software built with purpose”, to emphasize the opportunity to grow one’s career at camLine, and learn as technology advances and new product functionalities need to be implemented. 

The methodology 

Following the creation of the concept, we launched the campaign online and offline. Our aim was to emphasize some of camLine’s core strengths via paid social media ads and offline banner spread throughout the city. We mentioned the advanced technologies used, learning & development opportunities, and workplace stability offered since camLine is a product development company. 


















The results 

CamLine has always had a high employee retention rate in Iasi, and as a result, before 2022 there wasn’t a need to recruit new employees. However, as the company grew, the branch in Iasi felt the need to become more visible and attract new talent. Following our employer branding campaign, we managed to increase the awareness of camLine Romania in Iasi by 100%, and position the company as an employer of choice.