(Tech) Employer Brand Management

& Recruitment Marketing

Your employer brand is the heart and soul of your company. Let’s make it shine! To recruit & retain the best people, you need to get creative and bring to the surface what sets YOU apart from your competition.

Recruitment campaigns,
based on a creative concept.

Candidates are tired of the old job ads, and we all know it. So why not try something that truly resonates with your company values?

Creative Career Pages
on your website.

Job descriptions are definitely informative, but boy do they all sound alike! We will work together to understand what sets you apart and make sure your EVP will be clearly reflected by your job openings.

Internal culture audit + EVP

All our campaigns are drafted to reflect your company culture, and are based on your company's ‘Employee Value Proposition’.

Internal communication strategy

Don't really know where you are when it comes to your company culture and internal communication? We can help. After a thoughtful analysis of the company climate, we manage everything employee-related, from themed party ideas to event management, to community building.

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