eBook: What Internet Marketing Means for TECH Companies

We’ve recently carried out a campaign meant to sound the alarm clock for tech companies lagging behind in terms of internet marketing presence and strategy. As part of the campaign, we chose technology companies in Europe and the US and spent over a month analysing their websites and social media presence.

Given that the results were quite conclusive for what is currently happening internet marketing- wise in the tech industry, we immediately decided to make them public, without disclosing the names of the companies involved in the audit.

What we will do is tell you all about the problems that technology companies are having with their websites, SEO, content and social media marketing strategies in the following order:

    • whether they have a Blog. If yes, what are the most discussed topics?
    • how well they’re performing on social media
    • whether they have a responsive website
    • whether they have a clear value proposition
    • what their Google speed is on mobile and desktop
    • whether their websites have friendly UX
    • whether their websites have got broken links

Is your company one of them? Could be…Download the report, see whether that is the case and take action if you’re planning on generating leads the clever way.

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