Creative Pathways to Lead Generation

Lead generation is an essential part of an action plan for businesses these days. Having an effective and creative lead generation strategy can usher in an increase in sales and viewership for your company. By building a list of potential patrons who are interested in your business, you obtain a more targeted audience to market to.

With competition in the entrepreneurial world getting so difficult, it’s important to stand out in your marketing strategies. To build up your own hype, you must become a trusted advisor to your potential customer base by creating and publishing valuable content. The key to lead generation is to keep your customer engaged. Here are the top four things to focus on when curating lead generation tactics:

Provide a Personalized Experience

Email campaigns are an essential lead generation business strategy. Making sure emails are personalized is the most important thing to remember. Newsletters should be relevant and valuable to your subscribers. Offering a “subscriber only” discount or product can keep potential and current consumers engaged in your business longer. If your company utilizes social media, be sure to add social media buttons to your email campaigns, which allow for easy access to your social media accounts and allows consumers to engage with your business on different platforms.

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Another smart way to personalize email marketing is to set triggered alerts that send a message when specific actions are taken. For example, if a person leaves a product in a cart, have a triggered response set up that reminds them they are about to miss out on a great product. If a customer purchases a product, set up a triggered “thank you” email. This personalization and appreciation makes a consumer want to be engaged in your company for longer.

If your company provides invoices for your services, consider personalizing them. Doing so can help to reinforce your brand and mission. These types of invoices give you a chance to reflect the tone of the business. Small things, like adding a client’s name and address to the invoice, can help personalize it enough to make the consumer feel like they are an important asset to the company. The little things keep people coming back.

Focus on Effective Lead Magnets

Lead magnets can be tricky to do effectively, but they are one of the best ways to get lead generation contact information. Creating a gated asset on your homepage can prompt a consumer to input their information before continuing to the desired page. Creating a full-screen gate that engages when a person attempts to leave the website can offer a one-time-only discount. This allows for the possibility to get lead generation information from a consumer that may not be ready to purchase yet, or even to convert a sale immediately.

Lead magnet offers can be irresistible downloadable resources, listicle resources or cheat sheets on relevant topics to your business. They can be a special one-time pricing option or an extra stacking discount on a product. Lead magnets can be in the form of contests and giveaways, but keep in mind that too many giveaways can dilute the legitimacy of your brand. With this type of lead magnet, you do run the risk of a target consumer only entering their information for a giveaway with no intention of paying for your product.

Take Advantage of Media

Press still have a power and a presence in this world, meaning all forms of media are essential to the success of your company. Traditional media like news outlets and print are not dead in the business world. Having your company promoted on one of these two platforms can help to increase your potential consumer base. With this strategy, you expose your current consumers to the inside workings of your business, while also exposing potential new consumers to the mission of your company.

Social media is the most widely recognized media platform in the 21st Century. Knowing how to use it strategically can be a low-cost and effective way to increase lead generation. The most successful way to utilize social media is to create target ads. Since every brand has a specific persona they are trying to market to, this type of marketing can help you reach a larger-targeted audience faster than any other traditional marketing.

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Thanks to advances in technology, identifying contact leads on social media is easier than it has ever been. For example, the Followerwonk app allows you to look at the potential lead generation candidates that may be hiding in your Twitter followers. Utilizing your social media listening tools can help to bring in revenue from relevant and interested consumers.

Another great way to engage consumers on your social media is to plan social media takeovers by well-known professionals in your field. This offers your consumers the chance to engage with other people in the industry while following for your organization. You can consider setting up an affiliate program which will allow for outside individuals to promote your business through a referral system on their own social media platforms. Each affiliate will typically be provided with their own link to share on their accounts. Every time that link is clicked and leads to a sale, you pay a percentage of commission to your affiliate and obtain another lead contact.

Optimize Your Website

Optimizing your website to be user-friendly is one of the most important things you can do for your business. The “About Me” page can be one of the most useful resources for a new or potential customer. Making sure that this page effectively outlines who you are and what you do is a great way to help consumers fall for your company and its ideals.

Smart businesses understand that the internet is a constant experiment. Since changes to websites and applications are relatively cheap and easy to do, it makes it a cost-effective A/B testing option for companies to try. These types of tests can be as simple as changing the color of a website homepage to engage a consumer more effectively. According to Optimizely, most effective changes are made to placement and arrangements of key site elements. Improving site usability is the most effective change to make for your website.

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Blogging consistently with good content can help increase your SEO rankings, which in turn will help increase your visibility to possible consumers in your market. Blogging every day is ideal, but it’s not always realistic if you don’t have the employee bandwidth. To combat a shortage of ideas, consider bringing in guest bloggers who are professionals in your industry. This can often help to bring important information that you may not have had, as well as a different viewpoint about the industry you work in.

In the ever-changing world of business, it’s important to not only keep up but to do so creatively and effectively. WIth the importance of lead generation contacts continuing to grow, it’s essential for companies to keep up. By implementing innovative tactics on your website and other business platforms, you increase the opportunity to grow your consumer base.

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