Content Strategy Platforms for B2B Lead Generation

In any business, it is fundamentally important to inform the public of your products and services. However, some people may not be looking at your company — whether they don’t know about your services, they have another company in mind, or your business is generating a low rate of leads due to a lack of channeling current marketing trends to reach your audience.  

It’s up to you and your content strategy campaign to grab your audience’s attention as to why they should choose you for their business over another, show them what you can do for them, and get your company on the map. It may be easy to know your company goals, but it can be a delicate process to define and inform your target audiences in accordance with your lead generation goals, as people and businesses use different methods to obtain their information based on a variety of factors.

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In observance of these different factors of obtaining information, there are different outlets better suited to reach their respective audiences. In other words, there is a time, a place, and a way to present your content to reach all target audiences. With desktop usage slowly taking a backseat to mobile devices, your strategy needs to be ahead of the curve to be mobile friendly and include innovative digital signage for a wider outreach of avid mobile phone users. Once you’ve defined your lead generation, you’ll want to inform them the best you can about the going ons of your business. Below are three platforms you must utilize for an effective content strategy campaign, furthering your B2B lead generation.    

Your website

Whether it’s informational content or your blog, your website needs information about the products and services your business offers. First and foremost, your website needs details such as contact information, an “About” page, and attractive images to engage your audience and let them know that they’re in the right place. Contact information is also extremely important for your business’ home page.

A blog on your website will help your ever-evolving business tell its story to other businesses and what it can do for them. Get people reading and sharing the new things happening around your company, what new products are out, information about your industry, and how your company is blazing an innovative path. When you are penciling in your strategy for content, you don’t want to skimp on a blog — it’s perfect for informing, teaching, and getting your audiences talking about your business.  

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Social media

Perhaps the biggest way to build buzz around your business is to start a social media content strategy campaign. This will also include your social media marketing campaign. The advantages of social media for businesses is no secret: It’s the perfect way to inform your target audiences of new events, products, and services in real time, as well as a way for them to subscribe for regular updates. However, in many cases, the same content won’t work across all social media platforms.

There are many different social media platforms for many different audiences. It’s important to design your content with a specific business audience and platform in mind. For example, LinkedIn carries a professional, older audience, while Snapchat caters to a younger crowd. Besides a different audience, both sites use different mediums to present their content. Snapchat utilizes images and video, while LinkedIn favors traditional text.

It’s best to present your content on multiple social media platforms, but for B2B lead generation, LinkedIn is best as it is a community of professionals who are looking to network with other like-minded businesses. Whatever platforms you choose, make sure each aligns with the content strategy you have (hopefully) carefully planned to not only generate leads and gain business but to maintain that business.

The link between email & lead generation

Email marketing is not only great for lead generation but to also build relationships with those clients and maintain their business. If you’ve already compiled an email list, that audience has shown interest in your company services and are up to six times more likely to click through your content. Your return on investment is highest when a strong email marketing content strategy is deployed.

Email marketing is a great chance to give your audience an inside look at promotion specials, announcements of new products and services, and special events. Great, informative content will incentivize and gratify your audience members — allowing them to be rewarded for signing up and maybe even persuade others to do so as well.

Implementing a great content strategy will do wonders for you and your business. All it takes is a clear analysis of your company and audience goals, a distinguished target audience, and engaging content relevant to the audience to get them interested in your business’ services and products.

Your target audience is a crucial factor of your content strategy campaign, and knowing how and when to reach them is key. Using these different platforms, you’ll be able to reach multiple target audiences, as different platforms will allow you to reach different audiences and businesses. The proper content for its respective platform will generate leads, build business, and maintain an interested audience.        

Author bio: Avery T. Phillips is a freelance human being with too much to say. She loves nature and examining human interactions with the world. Comment or tweet her @a_taylorian with any questions or suggestions.

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