Content Strategy for Startups: How To Never Miss A Publishing Date

The type of content strategy for startups we will be discussing in this article guarantees you’ll never miss a publishing date.

If want to have content on your website that actually speaks to potential customers and if you want to keep in touch with site visitors as often as possible, check out the list of tips we’ve put together for the content marketer in you.

If you are not yet aware of the importance of a publishing calendar, you should look into the topic and start programming your articles. Be sure to think about topics in advance and set days and/or dates for every category of article. The most simple way to get ideas for new posts is to sit down with co-workers and employees and organize a brainstorming session where everybody comes up with at least one inviting suggestion.

Before creating any editorial planner, consider some factors, that we have conveniently grouped in categories, for you.

Factors that depend on the business owner and the actual business


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Ideally, blog posts should be written by the entrepreneurs themselves; but if they provide the important information to a reliable content marketing team, we’re sure it’ll end up in a beautiful series of articles. It’s quite difficult for a business venturer to find some time to write for the blog, right?

The factors we are talking about address the following info:

  • financial data
  • keys to surviving in a market full of competitors
  • what the main story behind the business idea was in the beginning, and how it changed all through the process of its development.

Another enticing topic would be to talk about the individuals that work in the team. What characteristics did they have? What made you choose them over other candidates? What does it take to be a part of your company? Provide answers to these questions in a long series of articles that are helpful for both regular online readers and for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Clear & correct information = happy readers

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You know how we are constantly telling you to let site visitors actually know what your business does? We cannot stress enough how important it is to let users know critical details. Thanks to clear information, you will have a satisfactory bounce rate (small!) and you will, in time, acquire leads.

In this series of posts you should probably include some specifications of the product you’ve designed, that is if you are in the business of developing products. Estimating a cost to using your product or letting potential clients know what they would pay for creating something with your help would sure come in handy. If you have worked on other projects, don’t hesitate to describe the efforts you’ve put in and the ideas you’ve come up with. While this mostly helps with your own marketing, it will sure benefit your clients’ online image as well. If you’ve gone through unfortunate events or if you’ve encountered difficulties in handling past situations, be sure you thoroughly describe them. Recounting failures shows you are mature enough to cope with tough circumstances. It also lets readers know you are capable of realizing when it is time to give up.

Factors that deal with the industry you are in

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Contemplate publishing one long article every week or once every two weeks. Make the article informative and knowledgeable, so it lets site visitors know whose article it is. It is an article that belongs to a business person with experience, that holds the power to make decisions. Let them know you are the owner of a wealthy attribute: you can help them. For now, they don’t necessarily have to know that turning them into clients can help you.

It is important to get ideas for new posts from the latest achievements in the industry. In this sense, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to set up a weekly category that you use for sharing interesting news from your area of expertise. Stay up-to-date with the help of online tools such as feedly.

Competition is a good thing, especially if you know who your exact competitors are. Learn from them in order to create a reliable online strategy. If you’d like to track their social media networking strategy, you can now do that with the help of mobile apps like Perch. While the first one analyzes your competitors’ activity on social networks, the second one is a dependable search engine for social media content.

If you haven’t defined your buyer personas, you now have the possibility to do so, both by using these apps and by evaluating your rivals’ content. Make a short list of things to consider: see the tone, the titles and the actual content of their articles. How engaged are their readers? How many interactions are there between your competitors and their customers?

Factors that deal with the actual articles


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Now that we’ve established the importance of a publishing calendar, of categories and of well-informed topics, let’s get to the actual content you will be publishing.

For starters, let’s see how titles can help you get more site visitors. They can also guarantee that, once they’ve entered your universe, they spend some time inside it. In our experience, the juiciest titles you can use traditionally begin with:

  • How to…
  • 3/7/10/13 (and so on) ways to…
  • Frequently asked questions about…
  • What to do when…
  • What not to do when…
  • A short guide to…

Factors that depend on creativity and the will to get noticed


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While most of us still want to get more leads, make more sales and gain more popularity, whilst having the same endeavours all entrepreneurs depict in their minds, some of us are eager to use part of that enthusiasm to show we’re capable of much more than hoping.

Which is why you shouldn’t get scared when pondering you actually have to use your imagination in getting topics for new posts. We’ll even give you some simple yet effective directions to get you there.

  • Interviews are a way to create new content. Put together a list of questions and make sure the answers would interest your readers. Then establish a meeting with a former or a present client. Here you go, you have a new blog post.
  • Guest blogging is another procedure that can be of interest both for you and for the actual writer of the article. It’s called backlinking and it’s a great way to gather an audience.
  • Publish quizzes, because they are an easy, fun way to interact with site visitors and they don’t have anything other to lose than some time on your site.
  • Provide downloadable goods. For instance, collect some posts that have been published in the same category, that address the same issue. Then, make a few simple modifications and create an e-book. Think about it – site visitors can actually download something from your website. If you let them download it for free, it’s even better. You can start by publishing content in complimentary e-books and slowly evolve up to the point where you start selling digital publications.<
  • Contests or giveaways are another type of content that appeals to a wide public, while they are also means to get people to subscribe to your regular newsletter.

There you have it. Some basic ideas that can get you up and running and that can ensure you never miss a publishing date.


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