Content marketing tips of the week

This week, we’ve discovered a series of quite interesting news about content marketing. We suggest you have a look at them:

Neil Patel talked about which social media platform is the best fit for marketing efforts, according to each type of business.

Marc Guberti, an amazing 16 year old entrepreneur and social media buff, published an article about 4 ways to get more blog subscribers.

We love Inc Magazine, which is why we’ll recommend you yet another one of its posts: 3 internship programs that don’t involve sitting in an office all day long.

Like MailChimp? We do too. Have a look at one of our older articles on how this small business managed to get big numbers.

Still want to know why brands obsess over Twitter? Gerry Moran explained there are only 5 steps to achieving Twitter success.

We’ll wrap things up with a not-so-related article via Venture Beat, about 13 mobile apps that can transform your cell phone into the ultimate toolkit.

And if you’re wondering about the source of the image, this is how Friday looks at the office of the Beaglecats.

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