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How we did digital marketing for a mobile app development company

Case study: digital marketing for a mobile app development company

About Thinslices

“Thinslices is “the thing”, the context, the environment where all the employees are professionals, create value for their customers and the success of the team creates the financial and mental space for each individual to have a significant positive impact in the wider community of Iasi.”

Launched in 2010, Thinslices started as a small software development agency. At the time, the focus was to handle app development processes for small European companies. Within 3 years, it grew to 50 employees with brilliant ideas that helped define and tailor the Thinslices business vision.

The problem was that the elephants were covering multiple directions at the same time. For a limited time, they handled both iOS and Android development processes. After realising that handling iOS and Android was like trying to make the best of both worlds, ThinSlices dropped Android and focused entirely on iOS.

At the moment, the company tackles a broad range of solutions. Most of their digital products are built following the agile methodology.  

“Thinslices started as a small software development agency. In 3 years, it grew into an agile mobile product development company.”

The Thinslices vision

To become a high-end app development company, they wanted to hire people with a genuine interest in creating top-notch mobile apps. Their aim was to select candidates really willing to work in an enjoyable, high-tech and refined environment.

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Due to low website traffic and an inconsistent brand image, Thinslices was unable to convey the right message to the right people. They also had difficulty recruiting new employees, and they had a powerful need for new developers.

Doing digital marketing for a mobile app development company, we decided to tackle their challenges:

Thinslices Challenge Beaglecat Solution
Inconsistent brand image Complete website redesign

Create new landing pages for dedicated campaigns

Increase social media involvement of the CEO by posting high-quality articles on LinkedIn.

Low website traffic Social media management (paid & unpaid)

Lead generation via refined content creation

Difficulty recruiting employees Lead generation on the recruitment side

Digital marketing strategy used

There’s potential in high-quality content. But if that content doesn’t reach your target audience, it doesn’t provide any value. With Thinslices, we aimed at boosting the website’s credibility with tailored content.

We started focusing on creating well-documented blog posts. High-quality content was what Thinslices needed to better explain who they were and what they did. The blog post ideas we proposed were targeted at both entrepreneurs and highly-experienced developers.

We brainstormed ideas that would genuinely interest the Thinslices target audience. The structure included: step-by-step guides, tips & tricks, guidelines, etc.

Some of the best blog posts:

Our marketing objectives were:

  • Increase website traffic.
  • Boost brand awareness.
  • Increase brand positioning and credibility.

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Reaching the Marketing Objectives

Phase 1: Initial research & Analysis

Buyer Persona Profiles (2-3).
Competitor Analysis.
A Keyword plan that would be revisited every 3 months.
Editorial calendar that would be re-discussed every 3 months (based on the keyword plan and the buyer persona profiles).

Phase 2: Content creation

Blog articles – 2 articles/month organised in batches of 4 for each buyer persona. Each article was highly-qualitative, practical, and factual.
The language we used when crafting the articles was targeted at each of the 2 buyer personas.

Phase 3: Creative branding campaigns

We leveraged the Thinslices museum location to develop a creative branding campaign on 

We shared beautiful visuals, highlighting how the company transformed a 19th century museum into a high-tech environment for iOS app developers. 

We did a guest post article for, where we talked about the costs involved when building a mobile app from scratch. Contracts were signed following the guest post, increasing the Thinslices ROI.

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Phase 4: Social media management and paid ads

Social media management included paid ads – boosted posts on Thinslices’ main social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Thinslices today

Thinslices is not your average type of iOS software development company. They’ve come a long way since inception. At this point, their focus is to employ the best people, deliver value and foster a great company culture. The museum-turned-office is a 50 team of savvy elephants who excel at what they do. Their methodologies are unique, innovative, and carefully brainstormed to match with clients’ needs and wants. Whatever concept one has in mind for his/her next mobile app development project, Thinslices is the predictable path that transforms ideas into live digital products.  

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