Beaglecat Case Study Series: Valantic employer branding campaign

About the client

Valantic Romania: “valantic creates software and digital process solutions that enable customers to achieve strategic advantages over their competitors. We master the central challenges of digitalization with a uniquely flexible, elementary organizational structure and operational excellence. Our aim is to break through established patterns of thought. To this end, we combine technological competence with industry know-how. In this way, we want to achieve the No. 1 position in the market in the areas in which we are active. Thus enabling digital transformation in perfection.”


Context: Raising company awareness at local/national level.

We started working with valantic Romania at the beginning of the year 2021. Throughout 2021, we had 2 goals drafted out:

Goal1: increase company awareness by at least 10% 

Goal2: recruit back-end developers (at least 20)



Following an in-depth company analysis, the campaign concept was created after an internal survey from which we extracted several of valantic’s main strengths. 

We ended up choosing the slogan “Togetherness, our strength” because “together”, “teamwork”, “great colleagues”, “transparency”, and “autonomy” were among the most used keywords mentioned in the survey. 

We adjusted the campaign every 3 months to keep things fresh and interesting for our main target audience (back-end developers).


  • Emphasize the core attributes that made valantic Romania a great company work for (based on the answers we got in the employee survey).
  • Mention the fully remote work environment for candidates who preferred WFH
  • Leverage the above-market compensation package offered (this was done via inMails on LI).

Valantic recruitment marketing


















We continued working with the client throughout 2022 as well. To maintain the awareness created in 2021, we surveyed employees once again to learn more about any company updates, and internal activities, and check the overall pulse of the company. 

















The results:

  • In 2021, we collaborated with the team at valantic Romania to put together a Facebook and a LinkedIn page for valantic Romania from scratch. By the end of 2021, we managed to increase the follower base to 500+ followers on LinkedIn and 200+ on Facebook.
  • In 2022, following an upgrade to the initial campaign, we realized that the client’s target audience was on LinkedIn, so we pushed to increase the follower base on LinkedIn for valantic Romania to 1200+.
  • The results of our campaign in 2021 increased candidate awareness organically by over 100% in 2022.