Beaglecat Case Study Series | SHARE Architects

Beaglecat Case Study Series | SHARE Architects

About the client

Share Architects, a project developed and organized by Abplus Events and Pro Event Association, seeks  to connect people through architecture on an international level via a series of interactive conferences spread across 10 cities in Central Eastern Europe. The aim of SHARE is to bring excellence in architecture by promoting best practices, transferring know-how, exchanging ideas, ultimately bringing architects, urban planners, designers & constructors together under the same roof, for one day. The spirit of SHARE circles around the idea of sharing concepts and initiatives, while bringing architectural matters closer to a more socially sensitive level.


About the campaign

We started working with SHARE early in February 2019. Following an in-depth analysis of the client’s core buyer personas, mission and vision, we moved on to establishing a suitable digital marketing strategy. The following steps applied:

Step 1: Understand the client

To be able to set our goals for SHARE, first we needed to understand the client – needs, wants, challenges, expectations; basically, the whole story. We spent a week analyzing the website inside out, emphasizing on:

  • Published content on the website
  • Published content on social media
  • Analytics performance
  • Ad performance

Step 2: Set attainable goals for 2019

Armed with new ideas,  we moved on drafting out goals for 2019.

  • Main goal: sell 100+ tickets to each conference in the 10 cities (goal achieved in 7 cities so far)
  • Secondary goal: boost brand awareness of SHARE Architects in the cities where the conferences are organized

*Note: Beaglecat’s main challenge was to sell tickets because since inception most of SHARE’s conferences were free.

Step 3: Social media planning

After agreeing with the client on the goals for 2019, the next step was to set up a social media plan. Planning rocks! It really helped us stick to a schedule, stay organized (as best as we could), and adhere to tasks on the daily agenda. Following a week of intensive brainstorming, we decided that content had to be at the core of our strategy.

Step 4: Set up a content strategy (website + social media)

On social media, content comes in different forms. For SHARE, the perfect recipe was a mix of long articles (published on the SHARE website and promoted on social) and visuals, really cool visuals (banners, project presentations, speakers, and more).

Below you’ll find some of our best performing boosted posts on Facebook.


An overview of 7 conferences spread across 7 cities

Results we’ve attained following our established strategy:

  • Skopje: +320 participants, +24 speakers and guests from 10 countries: North Macedonia, Austria, Turkey, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Slovenia.

  • Tirana: +350 participants, +32 speakers, and guests from 11 countries: Italy, Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, Greece,The Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, North Macedonia and Romania.

  • Ljubljana: +200 participants, +21 speakers, and guests from 9 countries: Slovenia, Romania, Italy, France, Croatia, Turkey, The Netherlands, Finland, North Macedonia.

  • Budapest: +200 participants, +21 speakers, and guests from 9 countries: Norway, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, France, Denmark and UK .

  • Belgrade: +150 participants, +15 speakers and guests from 7 countries: Serbia, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Austria, UK, Poland, and Italy.

  • Bucharest: +500 participants, +30 speakers and guests from 9 countries: Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, and Romania.

  • Sofia: +350 participants, +20 speakers and guests from 10 countries: Bulgaria, USA, Turkey, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Greece, Kosovo, and Romania.

Channels & tactics


  • Boosted posts: blog articles, interviews, general articles.
  • Paids ads
  • Remarketing


  • Paid ads


  • Paid ads
  • Sponsored content  

Google ads

  • Paid ads


  • In-depth articles – 1 long article/month


  • 1 newsletter/week

Conclusion – 7 conferences completed, 4 to go!

Did we sell at least 100 tickets for each of the 7 conferences? Yes.

Did we boost brand awareness of SHARE across the 7 cities? We believe we did that, too. Check out the numbers from our best performing social media channel:

Facebook results (Feb 1 – June 1)

  • Reach: 1.3M
  • Impressions: 3.7M
  • Link clicks: 25,000
  • Landing page views: 6,600
  • New Facebook page likes: 770 (on average)

Other channels:

  • Google Ads: 11K (clicks) and 4.3M (impressions)
  • Twitter ads: 14K (link clicks) and 257K (impressions) – campaign was stopped in April
  • LinkedIn: 400 (link clicks) and 35K (impressions)

Overall, we believe our goals thus far were achieved. Challenges aside and lessons learned, plans for the near future at SHARE include a really cool summer campaign. Upcoming next in the fall – 4 more cities: Prague, Krakow, Bucharest (SHAREx), and Athens. Let the brainstorming begin!