Android. The ABCs

Mobile usage statistics are booming. Custora estimates that, by the end of 2014, mobile e-commerce sales will have reached $50 billion. 4 out of 5 sales are currently performed using smartphones.

In this context, while looking at some mobile operating system numbers, it appears that Android is slowly but surely conquering the world. What’s more interesting is that, at the end of June, Android gained more than 1 billion 30-day active users. Google courageously declared that the OS is now the leader of the global tablet share, with an approximate percentage of 62%. With an average selling price of $254, it comes as no surprise that it is now estimated that Android will this year surpass 2 billion devices in use.

For mobile statistics aficionados and for marketers in general, we’ve gathered all the collected data in the following Android infographic.


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