AI and B2B Marketing: What 2018 Holds

Despite the technology surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) being young, many anticipate AI to have a large impact on B2B marketing in 2018. B2B marketing is an area that AI can comfortably grow in, with minimal risk compared to the type of AI advances that tech titans like Elon Musk warn.

AI already plays a role in B2B marketing. In the future, the industry can anticipate AI to increase its role in data management through machine learning and deep learning predictive models. In 2018, there’s an ample number of developments in AI that has relevance for B2B marketers:

Better Utilization of Data Than Ever

Big data will play a prominent role in marketing for many years to come, with analytics regarding customer demographics, interests and behaviors being a vital point of reference for marketing efforts. Since many data-collecting methods are automated, the sheer amount of data collected can be daunting to analyze manually. AI can play an immensely important role in processing volumes of data that even a large staff of humans would have difficulty analyzing effectively.

As a result, AI’s vastly superior handling of data can provide marketers with a thorough grasp of their best customers and lead opportunities, particularly regarding how to engage them. Although AI and its marketing alignment remain in the early stages, AI is gradually growing in familiarity among the public, especially in mobile personal assistant uses like Siri. In the future, AI is likely to play a large role in everything we view online. Instead of us manually checking our email, AI will likely inform us of the most pressing tasks in real time.

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As AI gradually plays a larger role in the day-to-day tasks of the average individual, B2B businesses will likely take the lead in using AI similarly in managing and analyzing data, delivering the most important and useful data in a timeframe that’s exponentially quicker than humans doing the same task.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a form of AI that strives to mimic the human thought process, enabling machines to learn rules through the analysis of data. One of the first breakthroughs in AI deep learning is the ability of AI to select images of cats from YouTube videos.

In B2B marketing, deep learning has exciting potential regarding data application. B2B marketers already utilize AI for predictive scoring, helping identify the most qualified leads. Deep learning can tie into predictive scoring to identify specific metrics, like which accounts utilize a particular technology or the size of their sales team.

Human marketers may never have the time to sift through such data to identify within these metrics. A deep learning predictive model can help identify patterns and recognize those patterns in the future. B2B marketing will also find use in lookalike modeling, which utilizes deep learning to help identify ideal customers and use data from those customers to find more of the same ilk.

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Improving Customer Experience

Ultimately, AI can help B2B marketers elevate the customer experience. Marketing that’s personalized and relevant is less of a nuisance to consumers. AI’s effective data handling can help personalize marketing better than ever. Specifically, AI-aided marketing can help make for a better customer experience, which is valuable in achieving microtransactions. Microtransactions can be one of the biggest opportunities for business, helping to engage customers with little interactions like “liking” your brand on Facebook or signing up for your newsletter.

Considering that a survey of B2B marketers finds that the task they loathe the most is data management, the B2B marketing industry is likely to continue embracing AI as a method to improve data management processes. The AI industry is quickly growing and will continue to, especially as industries like B2B marketing embrace its bevy of capabilities.

Bio: Nathan Sykes is a technology writer that focuses on the latest developments in tech that influence business practices and strategies. To stay up to date on his latest articles, check out his blog, Finding an Outlet.

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