A to Z of Twitter

A – Auto Follow
The automated action of following specific users or accounts. Can be done using free tools, in order to get them to follow you back, increase your reputation and potential link traffic.

B – Biz Stone
The co-founder of twitter, Christopher Isaac “Biz” Stone also helped launch Odeo and Medium (alongside Evan Williams, also of twitter).

C – Cards
Newly introduced in the world of twitter, cards are links that contain more actionable information. For example, there’s a lead generation card – users that see your tweet can join your mailing list, without leaving twitter.

D – Direct Message
When you follow a person on twitter, you can only tweet at him/her. When the other person follows you, you can send him/her a private message, called a direct message or DM for short.

E – Embedded Tweets
Embedded Tweets save you a great deal of time taking a screenshot of a tweet and then uploading the image on your site/blog. You can have a tweet on a webpage and retain all functionality (click on link or a profile, see retweets and replies, etc.)

F – Followers
Your followers are the people who’ve decided you have interesting tweets and you’re worth keeping in their friends list.

G – Group Direct Message
If DMs are only created for one individual twitter user, Group Direct Messages can be sent to multiple profiles, just by selecting the person from a list/drop-down.

H – Hashtag
A hashtag is a symbol attached to a few words, that transform it into a topic of discussion. That way, people can refer to it. For example #SuperBowl2015.

I – Insights
Twitter Insights aka Twitter Analytics is the free tool that allows you to see what’s going on with your profile and tweets. It’s updated daily at the moment.

J – Julpan
A US-based startup focused on analyzing social activity on the web to deliver fresh content to it users. It was acquired by twitter in 2011 for an undisclosed sum.

K – Klout
Klout is a social-media tool that helps you share and analyze your online footprint. Alongside twitter analytics, you can get a feel for how much influence you have in that space.

L – Lists
Twitter lists are a way of organizing people you follow under categories. As opposed to facebook, you can only read tweets from those people, you cannot send a tweet to a list.

M – Mention
When you send a tweet to a person, that’s called a mention. It’s the equivalent of tagging someone on a facebook post, to let them know you’re talking about them.

N – Notifications
As opposed to a little menu in facebook, twitter has its own screen full of interactions you might be interested in – who said what about you, what your followed accounts said and so on.

O – Overheard
OH for short is a way of signaling that your tweet is something someone said, that you heard about and wrote about it. There are local instances, like https://twitter.com/ohinny

P – Promoted Tweet
When you pay for a tweet to appear in more people’s twitter’s feed, that’s called a Promoted Tweet. The equivalent for facebook is Boost Post.

Q – Quote Tweet
Add your own comments to someone else’s tweet with a quote tweet. It’s similar to a retweet, only there is more additional space for you to write your text.

R – Retweet
When someone says something nice or worthwhile about you and you agree with it, you can retweet it. That’s essentially re-posting the tweet to your followers.

S – Search
A powerful tool in any marketer’s arsenal is twitter search. Going into advanced mode allows you to search for questions that you can answer from your audience, for example.

T – Tweet
A tweet is the most basic of public messages sent to your audience or to a particular person. Not to be confused with a private messages – that can only be seen by the person receiving it.

U – Ubalo
One of twitter’s 31+ acquisitions, Ubalo focused on simplifying large scale computing to just the code needed for analysis or processing. It was acquired in May 2013.

V – Vine
The 6-second video sharing company was acquired by twitter. Only 6 months after it had been founded, Vine was acquired for an estimated 30 million dollars.

W – We Are Hunted
In order to launch twitter music, the service acquired We Are Hunted – a startup specialized in creating trending charts for music that was played online.

X – :X
Not specifically related just to twitter, the sign is an emoji. It most commonly refers to “zipped lips” as in “Promise I won’t tell anyone :X”

Y – /YouTube
One of the most active twitter accounts out there, YouTube provides daily links to shows and relevant information about the video sharing platform.

Z – Zach Brock
If you were wondering who had twitter.com/z, now you know. Oh and twitter.com/a? That’s Andrei Zmievski.

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