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8 Effective Ways to Foster a Great Company Culture

8 Effective Ways to Foster a Great Company Culture

In the most basic sense, company culture is the culmination of an organization’s personality. It both defines and reflects the environment that employees work in.

It’s a summation of the intangible and tangible factors that make each workplace a unique situation for its employees, as well as its clients.

If you have a great company culture, then it can serve as a reflection of how you treat your employees and the work that you do. Therefore, you want to make sure that your company culture properly exudes the values and ethics that your company wants.

That said, we have listed down eight ways you can foster a great company culture for you and your employees.

Identify your core values

Having a strong sense of brand identity is the first step to developing a great company culture.

If you are feeling a little lost with your business’s core, then you should look into the values that you find most important to you and how you run your business. Although you can get inspiration from other organizations, it is better that you create a different set of values that is unique to your company.

Depending on the goals of your business, you should make sure that your values align with the actions that your business is taking. If your organizational actions do not match the values that you espouse, then it can lead to poor company culture. 

Take time to get to know your employees

Your employees aren’t just people who work for you. They are people who make your business operate.

You won’t be able to achieve a lot of your business goals if it weren’t for the help of your employees, who are industry professionals in their own right.

As much as possible, you should try and take the time to get to know your employees. Creating this extra step ensures that there is a human connection within your business, and they won’t feel like they are just cogs in a machine.

Doing so can help develop loyalty in your employees, which will be key to fostering great company culture. 

Show your employees they are appreciated

It’s not enough that you talk and know the names of your employees. You would want to give the right reward for the right effort that your employees have given.

What is the use of being chummy with your employees if you don’t properly reward the efforts that they give you and your organization?

Showing appreciation to your employees doesn’t always have to be monetary. Nonetheless, you should make sure that the reward matches the challenge that they were able to overcome.

Sometimes quick positive feedback is enough while some require more than saying “thank you.”. Have a sense of awareness to know which ones work for each situation. 

Communication is key

Letting your employees know that your line of communication is open is important for the growth of your business.

Your employees have a closer look at how the business operations are going in specific areas. If you are a company leader, then you need to ensure you get the right feedback from them about the business. 

If your employees know that you are a transparent person and that you encourage transparency in them, they will be more open to asking questions. Communication is key. After all, in any relationship. 

Provide regular, supportive feedback

Some people believe that if they don’t receive any feedback, then that means that they did a good job.

When it comes to day-to-day operations, this is alright. However, you still need to establish a system where you provide regular feedback that your employees can work with.

This ensures that you are investing in their growth as professionals. They will have something to work towards aside from the day-to-day workload that they have. 

Promote self-care

A lot of horrible company culture stems from the fact that they overlook how overworked their employees are.

It will be beneficial for companies if their employees are well taken care of and are healthy, both physically and mentally.

It makes no sense to drive your employees to overwork and exhaustion. A great company culture revolves around the fact that they know that people’s lives don’t only revolve around work. 

Maintain a work-life balance

In line with self-care is a need for a work-life balance.

People don’t only grow in one place. If they grow in one aspect of their life oftentimes, it can affect the other.

This means that if an employee is happy in other aspects of their life they, this will likely resonate while they are at work. 

Create an environment that promotes your culture

Creating a sense of camaraderie between your employees and promoting your own company culture is a great way to make people feel like they are a part of something bigger.

Great company culture is identifiable and palpable. It might not be tangible, but people can still feel it.

If you create an environment that takes pride in what they do, then you are promoting your company culture right.

Wrap Up

Great company culture is difficult to attain. But once you have it, you open yourself up to a lot more opportunities as a business.

The ways listed above are just possible avenues with which you can foster a great company culture. 

It will take a lot of hard work (and maybe a long time) before you can find a company culture that you will be proud of. Therefore, you should keep at it as much as you can.


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