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7 Tips for Prospecting Email Templates

Prospecting emails, also known as cold emails, may seem a little daunting. After all, they do involve contacting a total stranger and asking for something. But when done properly, cold emails can get your foot in the right door or boost your lead generation strategy.

 Whether you’re after a cold email template for meetings or cold email template for digital marketing, you’ve come to the right blog. Here, we’ll give you some effective prospective email templates along with 7 actionable tips.

1. Write an effective subject line


Here’s an example of a cold email template for digital marketing with a great subject line. Subject lines that include names tend to perform better, as do questions and statements that generate curiosity. Write your own click-worthy subject lines and test them with CoSchedule’s Subject Line Tester.

Subject line:

[first name], Have you got 10 minutes?


Hi [first name],

My names’ [name] from [company]. We’ve just launched our new [product] that [description of product’s main benefit].

For a limited time, we’re offering savvy marketers like yourself the chance to use our product for free. Have you got 10 minutes to try it?

If you enjoy your free trial, visit our website to learn more.



2. Ask for a referral

Are you looking for a cold email template for a meeting? You might need a referral to a relevant person in a company, as in the example below. Want more sales appointments? Use this trick to personalise emails. 

Hey [first name],

I hope this email finds you well.

I’m trying to get in touch with your team member in charge of [area of business relevant to your product]. Could you send me the right name and email address?



 3. Explain your relevance

In many cases, the person you’re prospecting has no idea who you are, how you got their email address, or why you’re emailing them. The best cold email templates

answer these questions at the outset, alleviating psychological resistance to the cold email.

Hi [first name],

Hope you’re having a nice day.

I recently [explain how you got their contact information, e.g. spoke to a colleague, saw their website]. The reason I’m reaching out is because [explain the pain point that your offering addresses].

At [your company], we help companies like yours [main benefit of your product]. We’re offering you a free trial of our [product], valid for 30 days.

Looking forward to hearing what you think of it.



4. Ask for something

Your prospecting email campaign will have a definite goal, like getting new leads or meetings. Convert your goal into a direct action that you want your prospect to take. You might word this action in different ways, for example, by asking for permission or for help. In this cold email template for a meeting, you ask your prospect if they have time for a quick chat. 

co-schedule subject line

Hi [first name]

How would you like to increase your sales by 20%?

My company specialise in boosting sales. We can guarantee a 20% boost in just 3 months.

If that sounds too good to be true, view our case studies online. As you can see, we deliver real results.

I’m passing through your side of town next week on my way to see another client. Would you like to meet up for a quick 10 minute chat? I’m happy to swing by your office if that suits.



5. Give a compliment.

Another way to endear yourself to your prospect is by giving them a compliment on their website, their product or their service. This shows that you respect what they do and have a genuine interest in improving their business. Here’s a cold email template for a meeting to demonstrate this tip.

Hi [first name],

I was doing some reading about your [offering/industry/etc] when I stumbled across your website.

I was impressed by your company’s effective marketing, especially your highly engaged Facebook audience.

As a marketer myself, I know the value of social media for generating leads. That’s why I think a multi-channel approach could further broaden your reach and grow your audience.

I’d love to meet up and explain how I can help. Would you be available for a coffee next week?

Kind regards,


6. Offer something useful

Prospects need to feel rewarded for opening your email. If they feel rewarded, they are more likely to take your desired action, and to open your emails again in the future. This cold email template for digital marketing shows how you can reward your customers with offerings of useful advice, information or freebies. Read more about rewarding audiences in HubSpot’s Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing.

Dear [first name],

Black Monday is fast approaching. And with it, email scams. 

We really don’t want you, or your colleagues, to fall victim to an email scam. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you identify them. Pass it around the office to make sure everyone is scam-savvy and help prevent a security breach.

Want to protect against cybercrime? Give me a call on the number below to discuss full protection for your agency.

Kind regards,


7. Send a follow-up

 Don’t be disheartened if you get little response from your cold emails. Normally, responses start coming through after you’ve sent a follow-up. A follow-up serves as a quick reminder about the previous email and a gentle prompt to action. Here’s a cold email template for digital marketing which shows how to do the all-important follow-up. 

email follow-up

“Hi [first name],

How have you been?

I’d love to tell you more about how you can boost email open rates by 30%. When’s a good time to chat?



BY MICHAEL BIRD Mike is CEO and Co-Founder of digital marketing agency Social Garden. Social Garden specializes in data-driven lead generation and marketing automation to grow companies’ revenue in different verticals in Australia.

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