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7 reasons why you need a social media marketing rock star ASAP

If you’re seeing your digital marketing strategy taking the Stairway to heaven, or causing you headaches worthy of a ride on the Highway to hell, you most definitely need a social media marketing rock star to accompany you in your tour.

  1. Revenue

Just like their musician counterparts, social media stars serve causes, they promote messages and educate their audiences. Not only do they do it within your budget limitations, but with optimization and targeting, they’ll save you enough money to start a worldwide tour. Also, they are capable of building a brand cult, that, when well nourished, will get you out of the Livin’ on a prayer bubble.

  1. Visibility: They know everything

Imagine a walking database  about your competitors, their marketing strategy, the latest trends and everything that’s buzz worthy. And no, they are no creeps, they just audit and follow everything that might boost your business. So next time you establish your online marketing strategy there will be no ”I can’t get no satisfaction” or we “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for”, because your social media star will rock your world.

  1. Professionalism: Because social media is a real marketing channel and should not be handled by your secretary/assistant

We all heard of musicians that used to be electricians or delivery boys, that even then kept music as their main focus. Yet, not all music passionate electricians rock the stages. It’s the same with social media: everyone can do it, but not everybody is good at touching the audience’s spirit. If your aim is to position yourself as a brand and engage, leave it to the professionals to Light your fire.


  1. Choosing the gigs

It’s a long way to the top and being online means nothing unless you rock at targeting your public. It’s more than a feeling, it requires a strategy: social media marketing is more than posting an update or tweeting every now and then. Nowadays, audiences are being raised in an online environment and that’s the channel to get back at them. By identifying your audience’s needs and wishes, social media addresses all of your product’s life stages. So apart from improving your outside looks, it also improves your inner self.

  1. Stealing the show

You don’t want to miss a marketing opportunity just because you didn’t know what to do (or you haven’t done it right). Before going to the sales department, interacting with all those interested in you falls in the attribution of your social media presence. From what you create or share, to who endorses you, or how business friendly you seem, everything will influence the possibility of getting to the next level. Again, knowing how your competitors are doing, your rock star might find some breaches to get you a whole lotta love.

  1. The fans

Because your business should always be connected to everything that’s online, you should always be there for your clients and entertain them. Effective social media is done around the clock and that is one of the reasons why agile marketing might be a term you’ve encountered recently. It mainly refers to the brands’ ability to respond in real time or to be connected to the world’s trends (from artists, jokes, tech, design or #). And as what goes around comes back around, being there for your audience and understanding them will keep them burnin’ for you.

  1. No band without a drummer

You cannot have content and SEO without social media. This trio must be nurtured by any means, as using the best of them can only bring out the best of you. Not to mention that “another brick in the wall” won’t be your bio.

Encore: Rock always rocks

Because social media marketing rock stars can identify the changes in preferences of your clients, you will be able to Rock and roll all night long.

Image source: Pixabay

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