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 7 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms in 2021

Employee engagement software is a classification of application programs used by companies to draw actionable insight into different business processes. Employee engagement software helps companies obtain feedback from their employees, acknowledge employee attainments, and encourage progressive activities. 

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Businesses use employee engagement software to enhance employee satisfaction, recognize employee success, and promote constructive activities to raise the level of the organization or its employees. It also helps increase employee’s participation and engagement levels in the company. 

The purpose of this software is to help employees become engrossed in their company’s tasks and culture, letting them be more creative, productive, and effective. Employee engagement software is administered by human resource (HR) departments and is a vendor on a contracted or subscription basis as software as a service (SAAS).

 Here are enlisted seven best employee engagement software:


Kudos is a platform focus on employee recognition, constant feedback, and communication. It emphasizes enhancing employee interactions and assisting employees better immersed in the business’s culture. 

It helps to increases employee retention, manager accountability, increase customer satisfaction, enhances employee experience, and therefore productivity.

  High points:

  • Offer service accolades, credentials, and executive badges for worker’s appreciation.
  • Offer comprehensible data in the form of reports, dashboards, and leaderboards.
  • Provide great options for Internal communication comprises newsletters, photo galleries, media sharing, and more.
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS are accessible.

Culture Amp:

Culture Amp is the leading employee experience platform, offers companies take insightful action to enhance employee engagement, retention, and performance.

High points:

  • Help to figure the commitment level among different teams and demographics.
  • Develop high-performing teams by enabling continuing conversations with anytime feedback, goal tracking, development-focused reviews, and better one-on-1s.
  • Offer a programmed survey based on the development of an employee, including onboarding, withdrawal, so on.
  • Collect data, understand insights, and take action
  • Offer tools for communication, culture and pulse surveys, and performance assessment are available.


The Fellow is a meeting management software that enhances employee engagement and proficiency already, later, and throughout meetings.

It facilitates you to program team meetings, individual meetings, get a prompt response on your teams’ presentation.

High points:

  • It helps to assign, organize and prioritize all your meeting tasks in one place.
  • Helps improve effective workflows, meeting, and management even better.
  • Keep meeting outlines and tasks in one place by bringing everyone you work with – vendors, clients, agencies, mentors – into Fellow.
  • Track real-time feedback on meetings, recent projects, and performance.
  • Enables you to call customers, dealers, organizations, and others as visitors to your meetings, which improves the customer experience. 

Reward gateway:

Reward Gateway is an employee engagement platform that empowers you to lead employee communication, discounts, and recognition at one portal. It helps to engage your employees and empower your organization via strategic recognition, surveys, and communication.

It’s an absolute employee engagement software that enables you to select and decide which features are the most significant to your organization. 

High points:

  • Create a culture of acknowledgment to support and increase employee morale.
  • Provide noticeable results from employee surveys to increase credibility and draw analytics to engagement plans, investments, and aims.
  • Employee surveys with continuous real-time feedback help to regulate the essentials and issues of employees.



TINYpulse is an employee engagement software that helps you improve communication and transparency, enhance and evaluate business culture, and decrease your company turnover. It helps to develop trust among employees and the organization’s transparency and accountability culture.

This engagement platform allows you to collect ongoing transparent feedback on employee contentment and their reasons for continuing or resigning from your organization. 

High points:

  • Get solutions for employee recognition, performance plans, coaching, and retention.
  • Three hundred-plus technically designed employee engagement survey patterns are available. 
  • Enables you to modify questions to your particular requirements.

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Officevibe is a platform that helps your team builds trust, reinforce interactions and develop as a team. It assists you to recognizes and surpass different team problems through sharing, discussing, and addressing. It is the most effective way to enhance employee engagement.

High points:

  • Provide pulse surveys, anonymous feedback, and thorough reports to assist you, recognize the employee’s sentiments, goals, and needs. 
  • Enables you to corporate with fellow members and have an insightful conversation.
  • Integrates right into your flow of work; slack, google, email, or text is available.


15five is an employee engagement portal that assists you to improves the business’s performance by motivating your workers to perform well.  

It provides comprehensive solutions to develop productive managers, highly engaged employees, and top-performing companies.

High points:

  • Provide Evidence-based engagement surveys that evaluate if your employees are attaining their full potential and flourishing.
  •  Provide Free access to the Full Potential Index to measure employee satisfaction.
  • Provides easy to interpret data on employee contentment.