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5 Visual Email Marketing Tips to Increase Conversions

When talking about email marketing, it is all about open rates and most of all, conversion rates.

With competition for clients increasing each day among online retailers, some businesses have had to consider creative and unique strategies to ensure their email offers attract potential customers to go from inbox to screen.

Below are 5 easy tips to increase conversions:

  1. Ensure that it stays short

Your email marketing concise will allow you to concentrate on both your goals and those of your prospects. Before you begin writing your next marketing email, ask yourself this question, “What are you willing to gain from this email? What would you like your potential customer to gain from the email?” Understanding this helps you get straight to the point. It can also allow you to create a clear Call to Action, which helps guide the prospects towards what you would like them to do, whether it is starting a trial, reading your informative information, or even benefiting from any other offer you might be including.

  1. Send from a human

Days are gone of sending email from your generic company mailbox, aliases, and robots. Reuben Abel, President of Heinz Digital Marketing, said that you might see up to a 20 percent surge in email optimization by sending from a person. This helps to keep things a little more informal and personal. Furthermore, it can boost your open and conversion rates.

For instance, rather than your small company name, send from your founder or CEO. That does not imply that you just change the sender. Make sure that you write in a genuine, human voice also.

  1. Inform and Educate

Most subscribers mark an email as spam simply because it is not relevant. Make sure you keep your communications relevant depending on personality, purchasing stage, or even some piece of information that makes every person unique. In his talk, Bill Hersten, email marketing strategist at Aplusdigital, reminded us that recipients would like to be informed and educated. You might not always have the perfect looking email or offer a discount; however, if you offer quality content, you will have the most engaged recipients. That is what is most important. Without engagement, what is the purpose of sending emails?

  1. Segment, segment, segment

By customizing messaging on the basis of a few client segments or personas depending on industry, activity, demographics, etc., you can be certain every customer is getting precisely the information they require. It can also help you build targeted campaigns using messages specifically designed to pique the interest of your potential customer, and with any luck get them to convert.

You can set up simple segmentation depending on very limited data points, like prospects versus customers. Additionally, you can go deep and segment using multiple factors and send an email to all potential customers who have begun a trial, and have visited your site at least 8 times within the last one month. Once you have that level of information in your database, take the initiative. Just ensure you are working smarter, not harder.

  1. Add personalization

Keep in mind, no generic and no robots emails? Do not make your potential customer feel like just another target. When you use lively content, you can make them feel appreciated. On a basic level, you should add their name. For instance, in the introduction of the email, you can say “Hi, Nick”. Also, you can include a subject line, such as “7 Fun Facts about Surfing in Hawaii”, depending on location. You might even want to customize your monthly newsletter for your prospects depending on products or purchasing stage cycle. The choices are limitless in making a personal experience for those receiving your emails. The more personal your email, the better chance it will get an audience, which results in better conversion.

What tips can you give for better email marketing?

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