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5 Practices to Engage Visitors on Your Website

It takes a lot of effort and investment to get people to visit your website. It would be a waste if they left the website a few seconds after opening. This happens when you fail to engage them, and it’s not easy to engage internet users in 2021. 

They have a very short attention span and they are looking for an excuse to close the page as soon as they open it. This is why you have to be very smart with them and make sure they not only read one page but also visit other pages. Here I’ve shared a few tricks to keep them engaged.

Include an FAQ Page

Your audience has many questions and they might not want to read an entire article for a short answer. An FAQ page makes it easy for them to find their answers. There are also many other reasons to include an FAQ section and page on your website. In fact, you can see ten reasons why you should add it here https://firstpage.com.au/learning-centre/seo/10-reasons-why-your-website-must-include-an-faq-page/. You will see an improvement in the overall conversion rate of your website. 

Improve Page Loading Speed

They will leave the page as soon as they open it if it takes more than three seconds to load. No one has the time to wait for anyone. Internet users particularly wouldn’t wait for your page when they have so many other options. 

Only someone who is really desperate would wait to see what you have to offer. All your audience is not desperate. In fact, you should consider them moody with an attitude and you have to talk to them in a very calm manner before they ask you to stop wasting their time. 

Write Short Paragraphs

People get overwhelmed when they see a big paragraph. Even students who are doing thorough research tend to avoid such content, and you are dealing with millennial internet users.

You should follow one simple rule. Don’t let any paragraph exceed three lines, and lines should be short in length when you publish them. They should be able to read an entire line without having to move their retina much. 

Make Content Scannable

People no longer read content on the internet. They simply scan it. If your content is not scannable, it is not engaging. There are several that you have to follow to make your content scannable

  • As discussed, you should start with writing short paragraphs. 
  • Create descriptive outlines that contain the sum of the following paragraph.
  • Add bullet points; both ordered and unordered. 
  • Format some sentences bold.
  • Write some quotes in different notable formatting.

Add Relevant Inbound Links

If you want the readers to visit the other pages of your website, you will have to add links to them in your article. Place several links in different places. 

Don’t add them like a sudden suggestion. You should try to build up to them. Discuss a relevant problem and then link saying how that article can be useful in solving that problem.