Digital marketing hacks

5 Digital Marketing Hacks for Business Growth

Digital marketing is such a vast field. Content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, and influencer marketing are just a few of the digital marketing jargon that is in the web limelight over the recent years.

The keyword, “digital marketing” gets over 300,000 searches every month! That’s a considerably high search volume if you ask me.

If you’re a relatively new business owner or a rookie digital marketer who wants to increase sales through digital marketing, you’re in the right path.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Business Growth?

Consider this scenario. Let’s say you have a small brick-and-mortar apparel business. Will TV, newspaper, or radio ads grow your business? Possibly. But not to an unimaginable extent. You pay a hefty amount of ad spend, and you don’t even know if the ads are reaching people who are interested in your product or service.

The great thing about digital marketing is that it has the power to reach people even outside your local business area. Plus, you can control how you want to go about your online marketing campaigns based on data-driven platforms. That means you can gather prospective customer information and use that to your advantage.

Assuming that you’ve already started your online marketing campaign but are stuck in limbo, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re probably not doing these five digital marketing hacks for business growth.

1.  Give Users a Mobile-Friendly Experience

Do you know that more than 50 percent of website traffic is from mobile searches? Consumers now check reviews, compare prices, and even purchase online through their mobile devices. That’s why Jacksonville SEO gives more prominence to mobile optimization, being a crucial part of digital marketing strategies. So you’ll have to beef up your website for a more mobile-friendly experience. Here’s how:

•    Your site should have visible text once it’s in mobile view.

•    Call-to-action buttons must be eye-catching.

•    Buttons must be large enough for clickability and interactivity.

•    Minimize pop-ups on mobile devices as they’re very irritating.

•The site must load fast. Consider integrating the AMP (accelerated mobile page) technology. The time it takes for Google to load AMP sites is 0.5 second. That’s incredibly fast!

•    Compress files to give visitors smooth user experience.

•    Regularly test your site through mobile-friendly testing tools.

2.  Don’t Miss Out on Videos

Videos are not a new trend in Google searches. YouTube has been around for as long as we can remember. Try to scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feeds; you’ll probably see a lot more videos than photos. That’s because video marketing is a marketing caliber.

Small business owners and digital marketers have seen a 75 percent success rate with video marketing. I, myself, would prefer to watch videos to learn a particular product than to tediously read a long narrative.

But how do you make consumers click your video?

Be creative, and you’ll reap the benefits. Make your vlogs, interviews, tutorials, product reviews, or testimonials stand out. Elicit emotion responses from your target audience through storytelling. Or if you’re making an educational video, make sure it’s valuable with so many useful information. Other factors to consider are:

•    Keyword relevance

•    Video length

•    Number of subscribers (YouTube)

•    Watch time (how long your visitors watch your content). Apparently, this is a Google metric.

•    Customer comments, likes, and feedback

3.  Boost Social Media Presence

If you haven’t taken your business into social media marketing, you’re missing out. Social media marketing is not just setting up Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. You want to maximize your social media marketing by boosting your presence. This can:

•    Raise awareness

•    Position your brand in the market

•    More visibility online

•    Engage with your audience

•    Attract prospective customers

4.  Reach Out to Influencers

Influencer marketing is selling like hotcakes online. However, digital marketers need to come to grips with what influencer marketing’s essence is. People think that choosing an influencer who has a substantial social media following is the key.

But the real key of influencer marketing is ADVOCACY.

Sure enough, the simplest way to get influencers to pitch your products or services is through paying them. But in reality, influencer marketing should be honest and genuine. That’s why when choosing influencers, make sure that they see eye to eye with your goals and beliefs. Otherwise, you’re merely paying someone famous without them even realizing how good your product or service is.

5.  Craft Engaging, Funny Email Copy

Email marketing is also one of the digital marketing facets that will surely generate conversions – if done correctly. Browse through your email list and check how many cold emails you haven’t even opened. Quite a lot, right? That’s because the headlines are dull, monotonous, and not click-worthy. When you’ve ventured into email marketing, your goal is to get customers to click on the email. It doesn’t matter how valuable the content is, if it doesn’t get clicked, it’ll just sit and rot in your “Trash” folder. Pique the reader’s interest by identifying their pain points. Build your headline around that, and you’ll increase your click-through rate tremendously.