Community and Content Development

Convert website visitors into customers. Fine-tune your brand message and engage customers with Google-friendly blog content and social media posts.

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Employer Brand Management and
Recruitment Marketing

Attract and retain top talent with a seamlessly built internal communications strategy or via creative employer branding campaigns.

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Website creation - from vision to execution: based on your target audience and their customer journey. We carefully translate your brand's unique value proposition into a story that appeals to even the most reluctant of your customers.

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Convert website visitors into clients. Fine-tune your brand message, while targeting clients with premium, Google-friendly blog content and social media ads. In tandem with the right email marketing campaign, develop a tailored strategy that brings noticeable results.

Occurrency Blockchain Report

A report initiative developed by Beaglecat/Occurrency, the idea being to put together a report on who is who and who does what in blockchain in Berlin.

Etvas - the marketplace for value-added services

Etvas - company based in Hamburg - works with Beaglecat to increase their online presence via website articles, social media ads and Google Ad campaigns.

Share Architects - the biggest architecture conference in Central Eastern Europe

Share Architects seeks to connect people through architecture on an international level via a series of interactive conferences spread across 10 cities in Central Eastern Europe. We started working with SHARE early in February 2019. Following an in-depth analysis of the client’s core buyer personas, mission and vision, we moved on to establishing a suitable digital marketing strategy.

Employer Branding for Tech

Our own content platform for HR professionals, where we publish articles and podcasts with talent/employer branding managers in Berlin and Bucharest.


Software development company in The Netherlands, for which we managed content creation.

Ioana can help!

Ioana has over 4 years of experience in employer branding and over 11 years in creating outstanding content.
Attract and retain top-tier talent either with a carefully-constructed internal communication strategy or via creative employer branding campaigns. We align human resources with marketing goals, while making sure your most important asset stays engaged. Recruitment campaigns include creative concept, campaign design and social media management.

Mambu - Online Game of Work/Life Balance

Mambu - international company that creates a composable banking platform. We created an integrated awareness campaign which includes a landing page and an online game.


One of the world’s largest open access publishers of peer reviewed academic research. In the spring of 2019, Hindawi opened their tech office in Iasi, following a partnership with full-service product development agency Thinslices. As their employer branding services provider Beaglecat assisted them with creating a comprehensive image on the IT scene in Iasi from day one. Their main goal was recruitment while also positioning themselves as the company of choice for authentic tech people who look for a meaningful work purpose, value openness and software craftsmanship in a product organization.


PROBLEM: low response to HR from potential candidates We started working with valantic Romania at the beginning of the year 2021. Throughout 2021, we had 2 goals drafted out: Goal 1: increase company awareness with at least 10% (as a result of an acquisition, the name valantic was new to the Romanian market) Goal 2: recruit back-end developers (at least 20)

Amazon Romania - recruitment marketing campaign

PROBLEM : low engagement with brand among students Context: Amazon Development Center Iasi wanted to organize an online training program aimed at students and recent graduates. Goal 1: create awareness around the online training seminar & convince students to attend Goal 2: recruitment of qualified students at Amazon Development Center in Iasi

Nuvei Recruitment Marketing campaign

As a global company, Nuvei has offices all around the world, including Brazil, Israel, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden, the US, and more. In 2021, the company decided to open an office in Iasi, Romania. To help Nuvei build a strong employer brand, we started our collaboration with several goals in mind: Goal #1: increase Nuvei awareness in Iasi (as a result of an acquisition, the name Nuvei was new to the Romanian market) Goal #2: recruitment

CamLine Romania employer branding campaign

Following an initial company analysis, we identified that the client’s main problem was low local awareness. camLine is well-known for its high employee retention rate. However, in 2021, it felt the need to become more visible online/offline amid the rising competition between other tech companies looking to secure top tech talent.

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Sabina has over 4 years of experience in managing employer brands and over 7 years in digital marketing.
Website creation - from vision to execution: based on your target audience and their customer journey. We carefully transpose your brand’s unique value proposition into a story that will engage even the most reticent of your clients. Website creation starts with an analysis of your target client and continues with messaging, structuring, wireframing and development.

Allcal Events - new website for the Events division of the brand

Our website creation process follows a number of steps that include: - Buyer persona analysis - it helps us figure out who your customers are - Unique value proposition identification - Website creation based on the customer’s journey- we determine what your website should look like from a customer-centric perspective/standpoint - UI & UX design

Hindawi in Iasi

Website for the Romanian headquarters of Hindawi.

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Georgiana has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing and a PhD in political discourse.