You need need more clients, we help you convert your website visitors into leads & engage those leads on an ongoing basis, by targeting them on social media and via email marketing.

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Employer Branding

You need to attract top-tier talent, we work on developing a creative employer branding campaign - complete with analysis, tactics and metrics - that runs over a period of 3 months.

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Website Creation & Customer Journey Mapping

Website creation - from vision to execution: based on your target audience and their customer journey.

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(Digital) Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Want to take your business online/ digital? We can assist you with customer experience and marketing for the digital era.

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Swat.io - social media management and monitoring tool in Austria

One of our first customers, we started with weekly blog content in 2014 and slowly transitioned to social media management and e-book campaigns that helped Swat.io gain traction and visibly increase their online presence.

Codecamp - one of the biggest IT events in Romania

Organized in the top 4 cities in Romania, Codecamp prides itself with around 10 000 participants per year. Our awareness and lead generation campaigns used email marketing, social media and paid ad management as tactics for generating buzz and promoting all conference-related events (hackathons, open day, masterclasses).

Occurrency - blockchain news & beyond

Digital magazine headquartered in Berlin and focused on the blockchain ecosystem. The magazine launched a report titled "Who's who in blockchain in Berlin", at Full Node Berlin, on February 6.

Ioana can help!

Generate qualified business leads.

Thinslices - Valentine's Day campaign aimed at raising brand awareness

Mobile app development company in Romania and Germany. Thinslices regularly carries employer branding campaigns aimed at generating recruitment leads and increasing their brand awareness in Iasi, a city where companies are battling to attract top-tier talent. One of the latest campaigns we conducted generated over 50 qualified leads for the HR department.

TiVo Romania Engineering Center - Heads not Tails Campaign to promote the Open Days event

We've successfully promoted TiVo's first Open Days event in Iasi through their (also) first employer branding campaign aimed at the local IT scene. By combining online and offline tactics we've generated a buzz that was big enough to bring skilled IT professionals to TiVo's special event.

Youngculture Romania - employer branding recruitment campaign, co-branded with Pearson Global

The creative concept of the campaign revolved around building a global learning platform from Iasi.

Employer branding campaign for Dutch company Maxcode

We’ve worked with Maxcode on a brand awareness campaign aimed at helping the company increase its reputation across the IT industry of Iasi. Our strategy was based on developing a dedicated landing page based on a creative concept, which we promoted online via social media marketing (Facebook paid ads and Google AdWords). "

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Increase brand awareness and generate qualified recruitment leads.

Allcal Events - new website for the Events division of the brand

Our website creation process follows a number of steps that include:
- Buyer persona analysis - it helps us figure out who your customers are
- Unique value proposition identification
- Website creation based on the customer’s journey- we determine what your website should look like from a customer-centric perspective/standpoint
- UI & UX design

DailyPack - presentation website for a medication adherence company

Maxcode Website

Website for an epayment and digital software solutions company headquartered in The Netherlands.


website for community-driven calendar app.

Allcal Festivals

Scoala Varlaam

website for local school/kindergarten

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Align your marketing and business goals.

We help businesses transition from offline to online. All of our current digital customers benefit from a marketing workshop, which we hold before starting our collaboration and furthermore, every 6 months. We practically align business and marketing goals, while making sure that their customers' experience on the website is seamless.

RubikHub - non-profit initiative whose mission is to provide real support to entrepreneurs.

Powered by North East Regional Development Agency (ADR-NE), at Rubik Hub we conducted a digital consulting workshop. The scope was to help the Rubik team switch mindsets and act more digital in order to attain their goals of becoming the core entreprenorial ecosystem of NE Romania.

Georgiana can help!

Align your marketing and business goals.